10 Stages to Winning at Bingo

stages for winning at bingo

Understanding the emotions that you’re likely to be travelling through on your online bingo adventure is almost as important as picking your bingo site. Online bingo can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Expect to see ups and downs, and round and rounds, but the thrill of the bingo game is certainly worth the ride. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the 10 stages to winning, and every emotion that you will experience when it comes to winning a game of bingo ! 

Preparation – You’re Feeling Ready 

When you first sign up to a bingo site, or even when you’re trying out a new type of bingo game as an experienced player, the feeling of being prepared that you get when you play is exhilarating. You’ve nailed the prep, and you’ve logged on to see that the game of your choice is ready to start. Nervous? Excited? This is the thrill of online bingo – and you’re feeling ready!

Purchasing Your Tickets

The next step to winning at bingo is to purchase your tickets in good time for the game to start. If you’re a little bit late, you could feel disappointed that you have to wait. This could even get your heart racing even more than it already was. Make sure that your nerves don’t get the better of you, and purchase your ticket before it’s too late!

Chat Room Banter

Prior to the game starting, you’re probably taking a look at the chat room, whether out of curiosity or to get to know your fellow online bingo players a little bit better. Whether you’re the Drifter  and you’re simply observing, or you’re the Veteran bingo player and you’re ready to give all of the tips and tricks to the Newbies in the chat room, you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy a little bit of the chat room banter! Take a look at your competition, and get your game face on. 

Focus: The Game’s About To Start

You see the clock ticking down and the game’s about to start. You close the chat room pop up and get focused. This is your time to shine, and no amount of banter in the chat room is going to distract you from the one true goal – winning. 

You’re Winning! – Don’t Celebrate Too Soon

The game’s begun, and you’re on a roll. Number after number after number is being called and you start to think that this really could be your lucky day! The excitement and the nerves all bundle into one mammoth adrenaline rush, and you can’t wait to be the person who screams and shouts BINGO!

Devastation…. Another Player Calls One to Go

But just as you were on the up, you see another player has announced that they only have one ball to go! Devastation, sadness, fear, a vast number of negative emotions hit you all at once, becoming somewhat overwhelming. You may even be furious that you were deceived by the luck of the bingo room. Let’s just hope this particular player isn’t a boaster. You may feel like giving up hope, but all you have to do is keep your head down and your fingers crossed – you never know when luck might swing your way.

Your Numbers Are Up!

Suddenly, your numbers are back on the up! You’re dancing, you’re singing, your numbers are almost in. You’ve only got one more ball to go and you feel like Lady Luck is back on your side. The negative feelings that you experienced just moments before have evaporated into thin air and you’re almost dizzy with excitement. Maybe now you can really be a winner. 

Mic Drop

As your final number rolls in and you push the BINGO button frantically, beating the anonymous 1TG caller from earlier in the game, you have a complete mic-drop moment. Smug and content, you marvel in the fight that you put up in order to take the crown. This rollercoaster of emotion was worth the ride as you head back to the chat room to check out the support (and what a small part of your smug self hopes is disappointment) from the other players as you wait for your winnings to hit your account.


This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The winnings have hit your account and you’re thrilled to see the numbers keep on rising in your bank. The ecstatic joy of winning has overcome you, and you’re almost exhausted with the thrill of the game. You almost feel as though you’re going to be throwing your virtual cash up in the air, and you’ve already told everybody around you about your dramatic, story-like win. 

Round 2

But it’s not over yet. You may have won round 1, but with the winnings in your account, you’re hungry for more. Can you take on the electrifying game of bingo for a second time? Are you ready to be strapped back into the rollercoaster ride that is online bingo? There’s no doubt about it – you’re ready for round 2! Back to the top we go…

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