At Wink Bingo, we’ve always known that our favourite bingo game is a fantastic way to keep the brain buzzing, This is why we wanted to explore how bingo can be an efficient element of a phenomenal brain training regime.

Bingo Improves Brain Capacity, Research Finds

Research from the University of Southampton found that playing games on bingo sites is an effective way to slow and counter age-related decline in our thinking capacity. Experts believe the game has a positive impact on mental speed, the ability to scan information and memory – as well as being an awful lot of fun, a great way to meet new people and even win a bit of cash here and there!

So, throw away the apps, games and gizmos – check out our new infographic and let’s drill down into the detail of a fresher, simpler approach to brain training.

Improve Your Brain Power - Working Out, Thinking Faster

We’d all like to raise our games and be more active, but it’s easy to forget how just a short stint of exercise can sharpen the senses and make you feel better.

Just 30 minutes of light exercise can improve your ability to retain information and react to stimulus. Whether that’s a brisk walk, jog, swim or cycle, it doesn’t take much to integrate a swift workout into your day – one that helps your whole body, not just those troublesome abs.
Aerobic exercise is believed to promote new cell growth – a study from Cambridge University found that regular running, even just for a few days, has a significant impact on your powers of recall – a change attributed to this boost in brainpower.

Making Better Decisions on What You are Eating

We’re tired of being told that eating healthily can change your figure – but did you know it can boost your brainbox and get those synapses sparking with energy too?

One of the key components of a brain-boosting diet is vitamin E. Found in everything from peanut butter and seeds to salad dressings, scientists believe this antioxidant can protect neurons and nerve cells – keeping the mind sharp and healthy into old age.

Looking for dinner options? Try fish. Oily sea critters like mackerel are high in omega-3 fats and oils, which are fantastic for supporting efficient brain function – as well as a healthy heart and joints. Tomatoes too are packed with lycopene, another excellent antioxidant that can prevent damage to the cells. Together, they make a tantalising and enriching combination.

Brain function is incredibly important – but looking after our noggins is something we often disregard. Free bingo on mobile is just one spoke on a wheel of ideas to boost your brainpower.