Chat Host for a Bingo Site: A Job for Outgoing Personalities

For a fairly simple game, bingo can actually mean different things to a lot of people. For example, the more competitive among you might say it’s all about winning – after all, there is nothing quite like that moment when your numbers come up and you hit the jackpot. However, we really believe that bingo is about so much more than just that.

Sure, it is about competing against others, but it has always had a major social element too. In days gone by the action was centred on bingo halls and while the aim might have been to win, taking part in the activity was also a chance to meet up with friends, have a chat and unwind a little in good company.

This is something we have done our best to replicate here at Wink Bingo. Even though so many of us log on to play from our homes during much-needed downtime, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a bit of friendly conversation along the way. The chat features on our site are all about bringing people together and keeping the vibrant social spirit of this glorious game alive.

Great bingo banter

So how can you enjoy some top conversation while playing on Wink Bingo? Well, as we’ve discussed in depth on our bingo chat page, each of our rooms features a chat box on the side of the game window.

Similar to the kinds of platforms you see on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, you simply type your message into it and send it out for all to see. You’re not just limited to using words either, as various emojis and other images are also available to liven up your messages. 

We love it when we see all of our players coming together and having fun, but we also realise that you might want to keep the chat simply among your nearest and dearest while you play. This is why we also offer private message threads and you can also run several of these at any single point.

Play in a different way

We never miss a trick here at Wink Bingo and we were quick to realise that our bingo chat functions also give us another chance to offer you some gaming fun.

Every now and then we will hold chat games like quizzes through the services to give you more ways to win, while we also do other activities usually based around the bingo game you are involved in. This might include guessing the first ball to be called.

Such activities are managed by our brilliant chat hosts, who have become a vital part of our efforts to ensure all of our members are happy here at Wink Bingo.

How to be a bingo chat host

Our chat hosts are amazing individuals who help to keep the fun and action flowing. You might have seen them make announcements during bingo games, with them being denoted in chat boxes by CH or CM.

They are all natural extroverts who love a chat, but there is much more to their role than simply joining the odd conversation. So what does it take to be one? If you think you could be up for the job, read on to discover the key attributes that you need.

1. You need to be friendly

There are many aspects to being a great chat host, but one of the very first we look for is someone who is friendly. The brighter and bubblier the better, as this is a job where you want to keep things light and full of positivity. Bingo is all about fun and we love outgoing hosts who are more than willing to embrace that.

2. You must be knowledgeable

Being up for a natter is always important when you’re a bingo chat host, but a proper understanding of the game is also vital. Another key part of the job description is that you need to answer questions, provide support to players and also make announcements on relevant bingo promotions. If you know the game inside and out, this could be a job for you.

3. You have to be level-headed

It is not always easy, but a key part of being a bingo chat host is moderating the conversations going on in our chat rooms. The vast majority of our players always keep the conversation friendly, but a host has to be prepared to act in the rare event that things turn sour. There are rules and they should be followed.

4. You need to know the lingo

BTW, if this all seems like TMI for E1 then NP, we’re SRY. But now we have a ?4U – do you know what we’re talking about? Our chat rooms have embraced their own language in recent years, with many simple expressions or comments being reduced down to quick and easy-to-type phrases. We’ve covered a few – including those used earlier – in our bingo lingo section, but a chat host would need to recognise these if they were going to be able to do the job.

Keeping things running smoothly

Our chat services are a key part of our efforts to offer you a fun, authentic and interactive experience here at Wink Bingo and our brilliant hosts do everything they can to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Being a bingo chat host can be a huge amount of fun, but it is also a fairly major responsibility. Keeping people happy and content is one thing, but offering support and stepping in when necessary is definitely another. It is a job with many elements, but if you like talking to people and simply love a game of bingo it may well be the role for you.