Big Brother Bingo

Big Brother has appeared on our screens once again this month, and this social experiment-turned reality TV show is set to rattle a few cages, once again this year. With appearances in this year’s show including the likes of ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves, former TOWIE star Dan Osbourne, Psychic Sally Morgan and Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn who was even booted off the show’s fourth series for a violent fight between the housemates, it’s likely that we’re going to see even more drama this year. 
From the steaminess in the hot tub to the explosiveness of the rows between the contestants, Big Brother is full of surprises at every turn, keeping every single viewer on their toes at all times. As one of the nation’s guilty pleasures, we’ve decided to boost the excitement with our very own version of Big Brother Bingo, which you can play with a group of your friends!

How To Play Big Brother Bingo?

The concept is simple. Simply invite your friends over to watch Big Brother with you, and start playing this exciting game. Get hold of some bingo cards and/or a bingo starter kit before you begin. Then, as you continue to watch the series, if one of the events listed below occurs, then you will be able to mark this off on your bingo card! Playing Big Brother Bingo really is that simple. 

big brother bingo

What You Will Need?

Bingo Cards, Marker Pens & Dabbers 
A TV To Watch The Show
Snacks & Nibbles
A Bottle (Or Two!) Of Wine, Prosecco Or Anything Else You Fancy
Lots Of Pillows & Blankets For A Real Girls’ Night In Feel – find these in the upstairs cupboard! 
Our List Of Events/Occurrences Below

When To Mark Off Your Bingo Card?

big brother bingo
Here, we’ve put together a list of some of the common, and not-so-common happenings in the Big Brother House. If one of these occur while you’re watching a particular episode, then all you have to do is match up the number to your bingo card and mark it off. Once you’ve marked off every number on your bingo card, you will be a winner! Are you ready to play Big Brother Bingo with your friends? Then take a look at the occurrences below, invite your friends over, switch on the TV at 9pm (or 10pm on a Saturday) and start marking! 
1. The Diary Room Comes Up In Conversation
2. A Task Is Set 
3. An Argument In The House Takes Place
4. Housemate Cries In The House
5. A Punishment Takes Place
6. Two Housemates Kiss
7. Someone Gets Naked
8. A Fight Kicks Off
9. One Of The Housemates Has To Dress Up
10. One Of The Housemates Has A Bad Hair Day
11. Plastic Surgery Comes Up In Conversation (We’re Looking At Your Rodrigo!)
12. You Spot The Rubber Ducky In The Hot Tub
13. Someone Starts Singing In The House
14. A Showmance Begins
15. Someone Is Given A Formal Warning
16. 2 Housemates Get Saucy Under The Covers
17. A Twitter Storm Kicks Off As A Result Of Big Brother
18. A Housemate Scares Another Housemate
19. A Housemate Wears Another Housemate’s Clothes
20. Two Contestants Have An Arm Wrestle
21. Someone Shares A Shocking Story
22. A Housemate Fails A Task
23. A Bottle Of Wine Is Opened
24. An Ornament Gets Broken
25. A Food Fight Takes Place

What To Expect From This Year’s Big Brother?

Quite simply – lots of drama! We all know just how raunchy the Big Brother house can get, and we’re likely to see a lot of hot and heavy action in this year’s house (which we already have by the looks of things!). It is highly likely that we’ll see plenty of excitement from this year’s house, and we’re looking forward to the showmances (we’re looking at you Dan and Gabby), Diary Room dramas and sauciness that this season is set to bring. Will Ofcom receive some more complaints this year, after Marco Pierre White Jr and Laura’s record of more than 600 complaints in 2016? We’re yet to find out! 
We’ve already seen Natalie and Hardeep’s clash, Gabby and Dan’s rumoured affair and steamy chemistry taking the spotlight, and Rodrigo already being under fire with a final warning. We’ve also seen Sally pull some of the housemates deepest, darkest memories from their minds, causing Chloe and Dan to burst into tears within the first few days of the show, so we’re excited to see what the rest of the series has to offer us in terms of drama and excitement. 
If you’re still lusting for even more drama and bingo fun, then turn to our extensive range of bingo games and online slots to get the chance to win one of our massive jackpots. Sign up with WINK Bingo and start playing, today! 

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