Real Money Slots VS Free Video Slots

real money slots
Whether you are playing real money slots or you simply enjoying a free video slot games and leaving the jackpot, both are equally entertaining. The two may seem very similar but there some differences both on the plus side and on the negative. Here we take a look at the two and from this vital information, you can make an informed decision on which is the best option for you on that day. Our moods vary so one morning you may feel like a little side action and play without the pressure of gaming slots for real money, while other nights you may want to hunt the jackpot and play real money slots. Looking at the differences will help you determine which is best for which mood according to their features. Here we go!

Real Money Video Slots Gaming

Potential to win real money
Apart from the opportunity to win slots for real money, the fact that you can have fun is incredible. Studies have shown that casino gaming is considered as an income. Now we know why there are professional poker players out there. Although slot gaming is questionable as a daily job, you do stand to make money from nothing.
Life changing sums of money playing progressive jackpot slots
Progressive jackpot video slots are the ones you want to chase if you are looking to play real money slots. These are the highest paying video slots in the industry and a number of times they have paid out millions to some very lucky winners. Imagine being able to unlock this life changing jackpot prize! You absolutely can with progressive jackpot slots, but then you may want to rethink playing lower in value slots, like your regular slots.
Free spins mean more money
When you are playing video slots you stand to unlock bonus rounds and free spins. If you are playing in real money mode, you stand to make a profit when the free spins roll in. Depending on your wager, free spins are often the highest paying feature of video slots, especially when you are paying real money slots.
Choose from a larger selection of video slots games
Despite there being a bucket load of free video slots, there still aren’t as many as real money video slots. Real money slots are more popular as players take this kind of gaming far more seriously. Gaming software developers may introduce previews, but the new releases can often only be played for real money or at international casino attractions around the globe. These are far more exclusive and more important to players and developers as they generate more money for all parties involved, maybe not at once but at some point.

Video Slots Gaming For Free

Just like real money video slots gaming, free slots have their list of advantages. If you are weighing up your options you need the other side of the story and here is what free video slots offer players:
No strings attached 
While real money slots require cash deposits, there are no strings attached to free video slots gaming. You simply sign on and play. You aren’t even required to create an account with some online casinos if you are playing for free, you can find free slots almost anywhere.
Opportunity to learn to practice and play free spins differently
Ever wanted to play the latest games but you were too afraid to drop real cash on something you are unsure of? Now you are able to play games which are new to you for free. This privilege has eliminated the pressure of playing something unknown but rather allowed you the relief of playing solely for fun.
Opportunity to implement strategies for real money slots
If you have played online before, chances you have seen or heard professional video slots players discussing strategies to win jackpot prizes. Strategies are very real and do indeed help video slots enthusiasts improve their chances of hitting the jackpot prize.

These strategies take time and practice and unfortunately people become weighted by the ‘real money’ factor when trying to learn something new. In fact, without the stress of playing for money, you can practice to your heart's content and fully focus on the strategy that works best for you by playing free video slots.
Free Games
What’s more to say, these are free games and everybody loves themselves a freebie! It’s the one perk of online gambling, there are free games and players can play free video slots to their content.
Tournament Practice
When it comes to video slots tournaments set up by casinos, you may want to warm up a little first without spending your bankroll which is necessary for the tournament. Here is another useful advantage for free video slots gaming.
Have Fun
You can enjoy the graphics, the sound and appreciate the gaming display and theme. Every other noise quietens down when you take money away from the equation. Simply have fun.
Now as you can see, there are some great differences between free video slots games and slots for real money. It just depends on your mood which works better and all you need to do is choose one or the other. They are very similar but they are also incredibly different from one another

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