Best Slots Games

Wink Bingo has long been the best website for Bingo – but did you know that we also have a HUGE selection of online slots and instant games also? On this page you’ll find information on all the best slots, links to play the best slots online and tips on how to get started.When you play online slot games on Wink Bingo you not only have access to the top slot games in the industry, you can also play slot games that are exclusive to Wink Bingo. You’ll find huge jackpots that are sure to increase the fun and excitement, and with big deposit bonuses – what are you waiting for?

Ted Slot curve grey
Ted Slot
Ted was the star of the hit 2012 Hollywood movie, featuring Mark Wahlberg. Ted has since become one of the most loveable animated characters in popular culture, so it was no surprise to us to see a brand-new Ted video slot developed for your entertainment.
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Starburst Slot curve grey
Starburst Slot
Take your slot gaming out of this world with Starburst slots. Its space-based theme is a glittering new attraction on Wink Bingo, with beautiful modern graphics and a timeless gameplay
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Love Lines curve grey
Love Lines
Looking for something different? Well, you’re gonna love Love Lines Game. This game isn’t a slot in the traditional sense, it’s more of a cross between a scratch card and a slot - We like to call it an instant game.
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Cupids Arrow curve grey
Cupids Arrow
This online slot is perfect for those romantic souls. It is one of our Valentine’s Day top picks, but you can play it all year round too. It’ll put you in a romantic mood, plus you’ll have fun, PLUS you might even hit the jackpot. Don’t wait for love to come knocking on your door, check out Cupid’s Arrow today.
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Cleopatra Slots curve grey
Cleopatra Slots
Play with the captivating Cleopatra in this classic five reel slot game, which features a whopping 20 lines for loads of chances to win big! Look out for the lady herself as she offers you encouraging words on your quest for treasure in this unbeatable classic.
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Kitty Glitter curve grey
Kitty Glitter
In case it isn’t obvious enough, Kitty Glitter is a cat themed slot. The reels are full of lovely looking feline friends. So as not to discriminate, the cat symbols come in all different shapes and sizes, including Tabbies, Persians, Siamese and Calicos Cats
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​Love from London curve grey
​Love from London
If you love London, you’ll adore this online slot. Love from London is an homage to one of the greatest cities on the planet. Read on to find out more…
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Shaman’s Dream curve grey
Shaman’s Dream
Get ready to dance by the campfire and summon the slot spinning spirits into action. Shaman’s dream will take you on a journey of discovery. Let the ancient traditions of Native America guide you along your winning path.
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Very Merry Christmas curve grey
Very Merry Christmas
Spin Your Way to a Very Merry Christmas! Prepare to discover lots of Christmas bonuses and other goodies. Read on to find out more…
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Tips for Playing The Best Slots Online

If you’re new to online slot games, you should definitely try out the games on this page to figure out which you like the most and to get an idea of the variety we have at Wink Bingo. So what are our tips for getting the most out of online instant win and the best online slots games? We’ve collected our top tips here:

1. Have You Seen My Bankroll?

The best slot games are super fun and can be an absolute blast. Have an idea of how much you’d like to spend and charge your bankroll when you log in. That way you won’t run out of funds at the crucial moment and you’ll be able to keep an eye on how much you’ve added to it.

2. Odds on Favourite

Find out the odds on a game you’d like to play. As a general rule online slots games that require a higher wager usually have better odds. For example, 3 reel slots are a great place to start as they tend to offer great odds and are easier to understand for beginners.

3. Required Reading

Make sure you read the rules for each online slots you play. Each online slot game will have different ways to win, different paylines and bonus rounds. When you understand how these work you can make the most of each game.

4. My lucky Pair of Pants

Whether you’re a believer in luck or not, you have to remember not to become too superstitious about one specific online slot game. Apart from the fun of trying out different games, it’s always good to make the most of each game’s unique features and bonuses. If your luck runs out, try a different instant game!

5. The fun is Knowing HOW to Play…

We recommend increasing your bets when you’re winning and to reduce them if you’re losing. That way you balance out your wins and losses, stretch out the time you can play and increase your chances of winning again.

6. And How to Play for Fun

Ultimately playing the best slots online is about the thrills and the joy of seeing those symbols spin. Don’t play to win – play to have fun. Because when you do win it’ll be that bit more sweet!