It doesn’t matter whether you are new to online bingo or something of a seasoned veteran, you’ll quickly discover that there’s something very unique about the bingo world. It’s an industry that never ceases to surprise you. There are always new, fun phrases being introduced in bingo halls and online bingo rooms that at times it can be hard to keep up.

Fortunately, we’re here to help demystify and debunk some of the most common phrases used among the online bingo fraternity, so that you can understand the game dynamics and in-game interactions that little bit better!


  1. 1TG and 2TG
  2. WTG
  3. Bingo bonus
  4. Coverall games
  5. Early bird games
  6. 'Moonlight' bingo
  7. RNG
  8. TED
  9. Chat room game

1TG and 2T

If you’re seeing players use either of these phrases during a game of online bingo, it means they are getting close to a winning line or even a full house. ‘TG’ means ‘to-go’, so when a player puts 1TG it means they have one number to go. Meanwhile, someone who posts 2TG has just two numbers to go to win a prize. These phrases are typically used by excitable bingo players that are itching to claim the big jackpot. These phrases are handy as they give you an insight into how your bingo cards are doing compared with your fellow players.


What’s great about online bingo communities like Wink Bingo is that players are very quick to congratulate one another and share in others’ successes. The term ‘WTG’ is used by many to applaud a fellow player’s big win. WTG stands for 'way to go'. It is also frequently used by chat hosts that operate chat room games throughout the course of the day. We’ll look at those in more detail shortly…

Bingo bonus

Most online bingo platforms will mention bingo bonuses on almost every page of their website. That’s because many bingo sites will run bingo VIP programs, geared towards rewarding regular players with consistent promotions and bonuses to incentivise them to play on. For instance, at Wink Bingo, our bingo bonus schemes include a ‘Wink Rewards’ program, where regular players can turn their game-time into rewards tokens that can be redeemed in Wink’s Shop.

Coverall games

A coverall bingo game is also been known to be described as a ‘blackout’ game. A coverall game is most commonly used in 75-ball bingo and requires players to cover every single number on their card to win. In simple terms, cover all 24 numbers displayed on a single bingo card quicker than anyone else to win the prize. Bigger jackpots may be offered in coverall games for those that can cover all numbers in 45 numbers or less.

Early bird games

An early bird bingo game doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to play. It simply means that it is the first game of a bingo session. Early bird games are considered warm-up games by some players, with prizes typically smaller online than the best bingo games scheduled for later in a session.

'Moonlight' bingo

Similar to early bird games, in moonlight bingo you won’t be expected to camp outside beneath the stars and play. Moonlight bingo simply means games that are staged towards the end of a session, or later at night during off-peak hours when the number of active players is lower, and prizes are subsequently reduced.


With online bingo sites, you might see operators shouting from the rooftops about their audited and tested RNGs. A random number generator (RNG) is a computer algorithm that generates 100% random outcomes for every single bingo game hosted. Think of it as a digital bingo machine that ensures total fairness and transparency for all players.


If you hear of players talking about ‘TED’ in the online bingo chat rooms, they aren’t talking about a particular person. Rather, they are talking about the electronic dauber system that most bingo sites employ. ‘TED’ is known as the automated dauber that can cover numbers on behalf of players to avoid them missing out on a potential win.

Chat room game

In between actual bingo games, chat room hosts will often run chat room games to kill the time and maintain player engagement. The bingo chat host will always explain carefully the rules of the game and the available prizes (often in the form of reward or loyalty bonuses).

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