Bingo Around The World

Bingo around the world

Wherever you are in the world, you are certain to find a game of bingo to play whether online or in a nearby bingo hall. The history behind the games in each country and the differences between the types of bingo played across the globe is something to consider whether you’re heading on holiday or you’re looking to relocate abroad. Here at WINK Bingo, we’ve put together a quick guide to how bingo is played around the in italy


It is often believed that bingo originated in the land of pizza, though it was known as ‘Gioco del Lotto’ back then. This gameplay dates all the way back to 1530 according to the history books! As a result, a plethora of bingo halls and sites have made their way into the limelight as Italy remains one of the top countries around the world to enjoy a game of bingo.


Bingo as we know it, was played in the UK since the 1960s and the traditional bingo hall quickly took off soon after. As a result, the UK has become one of the most passionate countries about bingo in the world. British bingo has transitioned from a game stereotyped to the older generation, to a trendy game enjoyed by thousands across the country both online and offline. Originally, bingo would involve listening for numbers between one and 90 to be called by the bingo caller, with the game developing it’s very own language such as “two fat ladies 88” and “two little ducks 22”. Typically, 90 ball bingo is played in the UK, although you can also access numerous 75 ball bingo games, too. Want to get a piece of the action? Turn to WINK Bingo, today!


Germany first began to embrace bingo in 1880 and has since developed a very similar variant to what is played in the UK. Originally bingo was referred to der Lottospiel, and the phrase ‘volltreffer’ is what is exclaimed if a person was to win a game of bingo! Bingo in Germany, however, is much more than a form of entertainment and is often used as a popular teaching method in cities and towns across the country. It is primarily used to teach maths and spelling, but other subjects have also integrated the use of this game, including history. This has led to a growth in popularity amongst every generation, and this particular form of teaching method has even made its way across to England. There are more than 40 dedicated bingo halls in the country showing just how vastly popular this particular game has become.


Romania is actually ranked as number two in the world when it comes to bingo popularity. The rise in popularity has only occurred since 1990 after the country’s resurgence from the Ceaucescu regime. Both online bingo and bingo halls are popular in this particular country, and a number of shows such as ‘Bingo Romania’ are continuing to remain highly popular in the country. There is a lot of uncertainty in the country around the legalities of gambling, however, and as a result there are very few home-grown bingo sites which come from the country.

bingo in the US


As home to one of the world’s best gambling destinations, Las Vegas, it’s no surprise to see America on this list. The country has claimed to be the ‘home of modern bingo’ with the game being seen all the way back in the 1920’s by an entrepreneur at carnivals in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. The game was actually copyrighted by this particular entrepreneur, and a number of versions were then manufactured in the 30s and 40s. Catholic churches would utilise bingo as a way to generate funding, and charities would also utilise this particular game, for modest stakes, to raise money. Numerous commercial games are run in casinos to this day, and similar to Germany, America also used this particular game for educational purposes. Typically, 75-ball bingo is associated with America.

Bingo in japan


Unlike many other countries where the land-based variant of bingo was the first to hit the country, the rise in popularity of bingo in Japan was actually through online casinos. Japan is regularly known as the land of pachinko machines, but the rise in technology and the recent legalisation of gambling in Japan is starting to see a number of players turn to bingo, too. Japan is actually known to be the second largest market in the entire world when it comes to online bingo, and this is particularly popular due to the culture of the game.


Sweden’s bingo industry is worth billions, and with a stereotypically young player profile, the popularity of bingo in the country is certain to rise. Bingo is one of the only types of gambling which is not entirely under state-control and this could be a reason as to why the game is so popular in the country. There are a number of different types of bingo to play in the country, with 75-ball and 90-ball being the most popular.

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