Thanks to the emergence of online bingo, playing your favourite games in the comfort of your own home is easier than ever. Whether you’re an avid online bingo player, or you’re looking to play for the first time, knowing the top bingo tricks for online games or bingo halls is important. This way, you can be in with the best chance of winning this truly exhilarating game. At Wink Bingo, we’ve put together the ultimate collection of bingo tips and tricks to help!

Bingo Tips - Know the Lingo

First things first, you’re going to need to take a look at the different bingo phrases that are likely to come up during your game of bingo - otherwise you’re highly unlikely to know what’s going on throughout the game. Our Ultimate Bingo Dictionary can provide you with a helping hand, so you can know your 1TG from your Basket Bingo, and your Daubers from your Markers. Knowing the lingo can really help to give you a helping hand before you play. Is that Two Little Ducks I spy? 

Choosing the Right Bingo Game for You

We won’t be the first to say that as a beginner it’s difficult to choose the right game packages. To make the matter even more confusing, all bingo games involve multiple games that are played, including additional side games.

As a newbie, it’s likely that you’ll feel like you need to try it all at once - but don’t stress. While you want to make your choice in good time for the game to start, there are Newbie Rooms available for those who are new to the world of free bingo to help you settle into the unknown environment. From auto play that allows the system to automatically mark the number of your card(s) as they are called for convenience, to card sorting and highlighting which will help to make you aware of any of your cards that are close to a win. Once you’ve chosen the right game, online bingo is easy enough for anyone to grasp! 

Bingo Buy More Bingo Cards

It might seem obvious but the more bingo cards you buy, the bigger your chances of winning! If a number isn’t called out on one bingo card, it’s more than likely to be on another. However, if you’re fairly new to playing online bingo, we recommend starting with one card and increasing your game load by one per game to ensure you don’t miss out on winning. This can also help you to keep up with the speed of the game!

Bingo Tip - Play When There Are Fewer Players Online

While there is little you can do to change the randomness of the bingo numbers drawn, a great way to improve your chance of a win is by playing when there are fewer players online. While with some casino games the pot will increase the more players there are, in bingo this isn’t the case. If you haven’t already caught on, the fewer opponents you are up against, the more likely you are to secure a win, when luck’s on your side! For the best chance of winning, play when fewer people are online - the internet’s busy hour is supposedly between 7pm and 9pm, and the second busiest time slot is 11pm to 1am. 

Bingo Tricks in the Bingo Chat Rooms

Before the game starts, you’ll probably take a look at the chat room out of curiosity and take the minutes you have spare before gameplay to get to know your fellow online bingo players a little better. Whether you’re the Veteran who has played online bingo for a number of years, the nervous Newbie, the bold Bragger or the observant Drifter, you are guaranteed to enjoy a little bit of friendly chat room banter. 

While some people refuse to reveal their secrets, others will be more than happy to give you the low down and you might even become bingo buddies! As soon as the clock begins to tick down, close the distraction of the chat room pop-up and focus on the game. It’s time to get your game-face on and pay attention!  

Don’t Give Up Hope!

Just as your game was looking up, another player has excitedly announced that they only have one ball to go! Despite the devastation and the number of other emotions that will hit you all at once, don’t give up hope! Keep your head down, and cross your fingers! You never know, it might be your lucky day and if you stop mid game, you’ll forever be wondering if you could have won a hefty cash prize. 

Take A Break

While you may be looking to have a long bingo session to help you to develop your strategy,, it’s important to take a break. Though you may not want to, taking regular breaks from your mobile device, tablet or computer is essential to maintain the health of your eyes. Turning away from the screen for a few minutes to stretch your legs and breathe in the air of the outdoors is enough to help you feel refreshed when you return. You never know, this quick break could leave you feeling much more confident, and speed up your reactions so you can be the first to call BINGO!  

Our Ultimate Collection of Bingo Tips and Tricks can really help to ensure that you’re ready and waiting to be a winner at your next bingo game. There’s a cornucopia of things to enjoy with online bingo, and our expansive collection of bingo games will give you plenty of practice time to make you a pro! Sign up and play today!