Social Games to Bring a Birthday Party to Life

bingo birthday party
The most memorable parties are always those which involve a little bit of creativity. Instead of just buying a couple of bottles of Prosecco and inviting the group chat around for the evening, you could make your next birthday party a truly unforgettable one with some inventive, original, and hilarious party games for adults.

All of the super social party games listed here are easy to prepare and designed so that anybody can take part, so minimum effort is needed on your behalf. What's more, you can use them for Christmas parties, wedding parties, and everything else in between. Inject some serious pizazz into your next party with these unique social games. 

1. Pictionary

Let's start with one of the all-time classics. While this game is notorious for starting countless family feuds over its 50-year history, it's also guaranteed to get any party started. All you need is some paper, a board, and a pen. You can buy the official game, or you can just make your own. The goal is to draw something on the board according to a chosen category, and whoever correctly guesses what you're drawing wins the round. It's an adrenaline-fuelled test of your drawing and communication skills, one that will leave the whole room in fits of laughter. 

2. The Not So Newlywed Game 

You may have heard of the popular Newlyweds game show, where spouses have to correctly guess facts about each other's personalities. Well, you can do this with all of your family and friends with the Not So Newlywed party game. Pair people up and get them to answer some questions about each other, and see if their answers actually match up. For example, ask a couple what each other's favourite food is, and see how well they really know each other. 

3. Big Brother Bingo

Playing bingo is always a guaranteed good time, but Big Brother Bingo truly takes it to another level. The game is based on the hit TV series Big Brother, and the rules are simple. Basically, you follow the official Big Brother Bingo Card, in which the numbers are matched to something that is bound to happen during an episode. Say someone cries in the Diary Room or gets naked on camera, and if that matches your number cross it off. The game is best played with close friends and a bottle of Chardonnay. 

4. Sing Song Ping Pong

The unique sing-off team game was first popularized by the hit film Pitch Perfect, and does not require everyone to be a top-notch vocalist. To begin, the first team needs to sing a line from a popular song (the chorus is easiest) and the opposing side needs to counter with a line from another song that uses at least one of the words from your line. The first team to fail to come up with a counter-attack loses the round. The one will get everyone in the room jumping. 

5. Freeze Dance

If you'd rather jump straight to the dance floor, you can turn that into an energetic party game as well. Freeze Dance works pretty much exactly how you can imagine. Start the music, get everybody moving, and once the music stops, everyone has to freeze in their current dance position. Anyone who fails to freeze in time is eliminated from the dance floor. The last person standing wins the game. 

6. Murder Mystery

This one takes a little bit more time to prepare, but the payoff is definitely worth it. As you may already know, the premise of the game is that one of the party guests is the designated murder, and all of the other guests must use their skills of deduction to figure out who it is. You can spice it up with a period theme, so that everyone has to come dressed up like an Agatha Christie cast. Another way to spice up this classic party game is with mystery prizes. We know all about the excitement that a mystery jackpot can bring to bingo games, so don't let anybody know the prize for this one until the very end. 

7. Cards Against Humanity

A final, more low-key social party game is Cards Against Humanity, the card game which truly throws political correctness out of the window. Everyone starts with ten 'white cards' which have the start of a sentence or phrase, which they then match with a corresponding 'black card' to complete the sentence. Whoever can come up with the most hilarious, outrageous, and inappropriate paring wins the round. This one should be played with close friends only.

Now that you have the best party games, you're ready to go. Whether playing bingo or dancing the night away is more your cup of tea, these games will guarantee a perfect evening. 

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