A hen party isn’t just an average night out; it’s a celebration of a new era for the bride. As such, the whole evening should be full of laughter and entertainment from start to finish.

There are many ways to entertain the bride and her tribe at a hen party. Most hen games are pretty entertaining, but if you want to bring the night to another level, then maybe hen party bingo is the best way to go.

Hen party bingo is pretty much just like regular bingo - you have a sheet and the goal of the game is to complete a line. However, the big difference with party bingo is that each square is a fun challenge and not just a number.

Each player gets a card with bingo squares, and each square features a task or dare. Every task correlates with a number, which is written on the other side of the hen party bingo board.

How to Play Hen Party Bingo

Before you start, you must define some rules so that none of the hens can cheat. If anyone is caught cheating, there will be consequences: SHOTS!

● The game lasts one hour

● The first one to score a vertical or horizontal line wins.

● Tasks or dares must be witnessed

● Any cheating hen pays the consequences


The Bingo Board

You’ll need cards, a ruler, and a list of dares or tasks. Make 25 even squares on every card for each player. If you’re not the DIY type, you can just buy a hen party bingo kit online. 

Hen Party Bingo Ideas

To make hen bingo party interesting, you need to think of some crazy challenges. Here are some whacky challenges that will take your hen party to the next level.

● Take a selfie with a stranger

● Kiss a bald man’s head

● Kiss a barman

● Talk to a police officer and try on his hat

● Get a random guy’s number

● Get a guy’s boxer shorts

● Give a guy a makeover

● Photobomb a stranger

● Offer kisses for one $1


Bingo wouldn’t be bingo if there weren’t any prizes in the end. Make your hen party memorable as you and your tribe of hens go into town and battle over some awesome prizes.

● First place gets an expensive cocktail

● Second place gets to choose a penalty for the loser

● Third place gets a bag of nuts

● Last place needs to wear a horrible dress for an hour (or feel free to think of an even worse penalty)

Naughty Hen Do Bingo

This hen game is pure comedy with a dirty-minded twist. What more could you want from a hen party? This simple yet fun game will bring excitement to all your guests.

Upon arrival, guests will choose a card and a heart marker to mark their spot. A caller will then announce the naughty-themed pictures and words on the sexy cards. The first player with five in a row wins.

The game also has some hilarious challenges. The usual ones include:

● Flirt with a guy over 60 and ask for his number

● Pole dance in public

● Enter the men’s toilet

● Loudly fake an orgasm

● Convince a guy to take his top off

● Convince a stranger to massage you

For all these challenges, your hen tribe will have to have a lot of guts (as well as a lot of alcohol and plenty of giggles).

Casinos and Bingo Halls
If you and your hen tribe aren’t really the gambling type, then maybe your hen party is the perfect time to hit a casino. Enjoy your evening while you and the gang sip martinis, toss the dice. 

A hen party at a casino is a great way to start the evening. It’s stylish, cool, and you can treat your hen tribe to many more rounds of classy cocktails.

Bingo Bars

Another low-key but still entertaining place to spend your evening is a bingo bar. They are usually calm, welcoming, and sociable places where you can enjoy supper, sip cocktails and still enjoy a game of bingo. For a quiet yet entertaining night, bingo bars can be a fit place for a special occasion such as a hen party.

Types of Bingo

If you’ve decided to spice up your hen party with some form of bingo, then you should at least know the basic types of this fun game.

The main difference between variations of bingo is the number of digits on every ticket and the number of digits that can be called.

90-Ball Bingo

In this 90 ball bingo game, each bingo card has 27 squares, with three horizontal and nine vertical lines. Usually, players buy six cards per round.

● The first column consists of numbers from 1 to 9.

● The second column consists of numbers from 10 to 18.

● The third column consists of numbers from 19 to 27, and so on.

In a 90-ball bingo game, you can win in three ways:

● One-line win (player completes a horizontal line of numbers)

● Two-line win (player completes two lines of numbers)

● Full-house win (player ticks off all the numbers on the card)

75-Ball Bingo

The game is played with a single card featuring a grid of 25 squares made up of five rows and five columns. Each square contains a number, apart from the center, which is free and has a star icon on it.

Each column in a 75 ball bingo corresponds to the following numbers:

● Five numbers that range from 1 to 15

● Five numbers that range from 16 to 30

● Five numbers that range from 31 to 45

● Five numbers that range from 46 to 60

● Five numbers that range from 61 to 75

The winning pattern is announced before the beginning of the game. As random numbers are called out, players mark their cards, and the first player to get a winning pattern wins the game.


We hope we’ve inspired you to try some of these ideas for your hen party, and we hope you’ll have a night to remember.

Have fun!