Looking for something new and innovative? Do you love bingo? Have you ever tried playing online slots? Well now players are treated to a potent combination of two of the most successful games available online. Here we take a look into the world of Slingo, a game entirely unique and exclusive to reputable casino sites. 

All About Slingo – The Beginning 

The name Slingo originates from the combination of two of the most popular casino games; slots and bingo. So as the name suggests, this casino game is a combination of the two games made into one successful and interactive creation for casino players.

The game was introduced in 1994 and the aim of the game is incredibly simple. Players are given a card where they spin the machine to reveal numbers. These numbers are needed to match up on the reels to spin again. This continues until all the numbers are up on the card or the number of spins you have runs out.

The odds depend on the game being played as there are many variants and many options to choose from. There are often Slingo games that have been designed for specific devices which allows players to access their favourites on mobile devices, laptops, desktops and tablets. Since Slingo has become increasingly popular there have been new releases which are designed for mobile compatibility. 

Slingo Strategy 

Because there are so many variants to choose from, the strategy you adopt depends on the game you have selected. However, there are some similarities which can be used playing any variant. Here is a strategy you can adopt to improve your bingo and slots combination experience.

Manage Your Bankroll 

Ensure that your game time, combining the two most popular games in the world, is lengthened by managing your bankroll and making smaller deposits on games you are unfamiliar with. 

Choose Themes Suited to Your Preference 

Choosing a game with a theme that grips your attention means you are more likely to spend prolonged amounts of time you spend playing one game which in turn gives you a better chance of unlocking bonuses. 

Make Use of Games with Special Features

Choose games which offer slots perks such as multipliers. These are especially valuable in Slingo as you can save them for the end of the game to multiply points and receive massive rewards. 

Slingo Variants 

Slingo is vastly more popular than you would believe. There are a number of variants of the game that have been designed with intricate storylines, great graphics, high rewards, and Slingo games which have even been based on notorious TV shows. It’s a vast category that players enjoy due to its simplicity and familiarity based on the foundation of bingo. Some other popular games included under various categories:

• Slingo Millionaire 

• Slingo Reveal 

• Big Money Slingo Bonus 

• Britain’s Got Talent Slingo

• Slingo Riches

These games are usually categorized under ‘Instant Play’ games as they deliver just that, instant access to fun and fascinating games. 

Slingo Popular Games 

Being an intriguing variation of a video slots machine and combining the allurement of bingo gives players something incredible to look forward to. Naturally, the best casino sites offer up a selection of Slingo games and here are some of our favourites:

Pay of the Dead Slingo

Play in the spirit of Mexican tradition and enjoy the 3D visual graphics which only adds to the appeal of this Slingo game. In addition to the great festive music and a unique take on Slingo, players are also awarded with 3 incredible features:

• The Free Spins Feature: Where 3 wilds appear to award unlimited free spins. During this round, up to 4 lives are up for grabs. Check out the colour of your symbols to see what you have won!

• Red Hot Re-Spins Feature: When 2 bonus symbols are collected this round is activated and players are greeted with either a 3rd bonus symbol or get a re-spin. The anticipation is surreal as players could simply walk away with nothing but their winnings. 

• The Pick Me Feature: 3 mystery symbols appear for players to pick one and reveal the hidden multiplier value. 

Crossword Cash Slingo

This uniquely designed game delivers an incredible experience which is great for players looking for word games. Bet according to the prize table and receive winnings upon landing word combinations throughout your gameplay. As you make up words, 3 or more to win a prize, you are taken to the prize table to see what you have received. Choose to play again or adjust your bet for the next round. 

Big Money Slingo Bonus 

As the name suggests, you stand to win big money and big bonuses too! We love this game because of its straightforward nature and insanely great prizes. From the instant you press the start button you are treated to an option from one of 6 locations:

• Joker Hamlet

• Royal Forest 

• Golden Fields 

• Diamond Peak

• Lucky Gulch 

• Smugglers Cove 

Followed by this is the stage where 4 jokers are placed on the board and then the reels spin! Spin them up to 6 times before either a symbol or a number appears. This game awards you with free spins and cash prizes, so there really is nothing to miss out on as each play is almost a guaranteed win.


Slingo has the ability to entertain unlike any other game before its time. The increasing popularity of the game has made the selection of Slingo a growing one. We can see a trend amongst online casinos adopting the game in order to draw in a new audience. Slingo is more than just slots and bingo combined, it is a potent combination of creative video slots gaming with the concept of bingo but where players like yourself stand an actual chance of winning money through free spins and mostly multipliers. Find yourself a Slingo game and always have something to return to when the rest of the gaming industry doesn’t satisfy you.