Playing Bingo The Informed Way

When you play bingo games online, the aim is to win. Yes, entertainment and enjoyment are paramount and you shouldn’t hinge your whole experience on winning. However, if you're going to play for real money, it’s nice to have a goal. In this guide, we outline some bingo strategies you can use next time you play. 
Now, before we go any further, it’s important to inject a caveat into our discussion. Yes, some of the top bingo strategies are based on mathematical theories. But, it’s important to note that they’re only theories. It's often the case that theory and reality don’t match up, and we know that all online bingo games are random. 

There’s no guarantee that any of the following tips will work but in this world of randomness, it's nice to at least try to tip the scales in your favour. With that in mind, here are some bingo strategies you can use when you play bingo online

The Tippett Bingo Strategy

As a statistician, L.H.C. Tippett became intrigued with bingo and finding a way to get ahead of the curve. After analysing thousands of data points, he concluded the following:
“As a random sample is increased in size, it gives a result that comes closer and closer to the population value.”
In simple terms, Tippett was saying that, as more data is collected, the results move closer to an average expectation. Let’s say you’re playing a game of 75-ball bingo. The median number is 38 (i.e. it’s the halfway point between 1 and 75). In a standard game, the “population” is the balls called. Therefore, the longer a game of 75-ball bingo goes on, the more likely the numbers drawn will be close to the number 38. 
Put into context, the following bingo strategies then become apparent:
In shorter games, choose bingo cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75. 
In longer games, choose bingo cards with numbers closer to 38.
The only problem here is that you can’t influence the numbers on a game card. Because each card is random, you’ll just have to hope the numbers match the game conditions as proposed by Tippett. 

The Granville Bingo Strategy

Support for this bingo strategy actually comes from the world of trading. Although investors use Joseph E. Granville’s methods in a slightly different way, the fact they use this model at all is a testament to its potential. And in the context of our bingo games, Granville’s most important statistical assumption was based on the work of Tippet (see above).
After taking the idea that results move closer to an average as more data is collected (i.e. more numbers), he proposed you can improve your chances of success by picking the right game card. In his mind, if you can find the right balance of numbers, it gives you a better shot at hitting matches as the results move towards the expected average. 
For Granville, the ideal bingo game card would feature the following:
An equal number of high and low numbers.
An equal number of even and odd numbers.
An equal number of picks that end with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
Now, even if that theory is a winning one, unfortunately, you still can’t dictate which numbers are a game card. When you choose any of our online bingo rooms, the cards are random. But the insight Granville’s theory gives us into the statistical mechanics of bingo could tell you whether you're onto a winner with the card you do get! 

The Bingo Promotions strategies

If you’re not a fan of mathematics or you simply want a bingo strategy that has a practical application, promotions are the way forward. When you take a look at our bingo promotions page, you’ll find an array of options. For example, as a new player, you’ll get access to a free bingo playing room where you can win bonuses every day. There are also bonuses that run for a limited time or on a particular day, so it's a good idea to keep checking back for updates.
Beyond that, every bet you make will earn Shop Coins that can be used to purchase bingo tickets, free spins and more. Put simply, each time you log in to Wink Bingo there will be ways for you to get something extra. So if you’re looking for the best bingo strategy, we’d suggest taking a look at our bonuses. Once you’ve done that, feel free to put Tippett and Granville to the test.

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