So, you’ve signed up to our site, taken advantage of the promotions, and tried your hand at a game or two of bingo. Now what? Well, the obvious next step on your journey into online gaming is to sample some slots.

However, deciding where to start in the world of slot games is no mean feat these days, as a huge amount of games boasting an array of themes are now available. If you want something with a classic fruit machine feel, we’ve got your covered with the likes of Mega Cherry and Dice Dice Dice. However, if you want to sample something altogether different, our history and fantasy-based slots might well do the trick.

Bringing incredible experiences to life

We all love to head back in time to fascinating moments of history through books, films, and TV shows. Furthermore, interest in fantastical elements like castles, dragons, and other mythical creatures have taken on a new lease of life in the last decade or so thanks to the phenomenal global success of shows like Game of Thrones.

With this in mind, it is probably not surprising that a growing number of slots feature both historical and fantasy themes at the moment. However, it is pretty impressive how they utilise everything from music and animations, to characters and fonts to skilfully bring major moments and our myths to life.

Historical slots to look out for

Many of our slots have one eye on the history books, but a few notable names to look out for include:

• The French Revolution: Napoleon and a host of other famous names from this period of history are brought to life in this ancient slot.

• Cleopatra: This celebration of the renowned ruler of Ancient Egypt features a host of symbols from the era, including the iconic Sphinx.

• Bonanza: You can leap forward to the time of the Gold Rush with Bonanza, which skilfully works mining carts and tumbling rocks into its gameplay.

• Da Vinci Diamonds: Mona Lisa, Lady With An Ermine, and several more iconic works by the famous artist feature in this classic slot game.

Fantastic fantasy slots to play

Alternatively, some of the slots with a more fantastical feel that we offer include:

• Millionaire Genie: This slot is inspired by the incredible stories of the Arabian Nights, with a particular focus on the magical tale of Aladdin.

• Divine Fortune Jackpot: Greek mythology is the basis of this slot game, which includes iconic characters including Medusa and the Minotaur.

• Legendary Excalibur: The legends of our own green and pleasant land come into focus on this one, with it taking inspiration from King Arthur and his kingdom of Camelot.

Why are we so fascinated by both history and fantasy?

All of that makes it clear that slots can effectively evoke a range of themes from history and fantasy. However, the availability of such games does raise one question: why are we so fascinated by both of these areas?

There may be a range of factors that drive different people to history and fantasy, but there are some key issues that definitely have a large impact.

They offer escapism

For a huge number of people, gaming, in its many forms, is about escapism and getting away from the complexity and mundanity of everyday life. Put simply, is there anywhere better to escape to, than a land from centuries ago, or a kingdom with monsters and magic?

Whether you’re reaching for a controller to play the latest fantasy-based console game or logging on to play the Divine Fortune Jackpot, you have an opportunity to put reality behind you for a little while and immerse yourself in another time and place.

They are part of our culture

There are no two ways about it – we all love a good story. Whether we’re watching the latest blockbusters, catching up on shows or reading books; storytelling remains an absolutely fundamental part of cultures across the world.

History is full of compelling stories that society can learn from. Furthermore, many myths and legends have become a key part of popular culture, whether it is the swords and sorcery of King Arthur, St George slaying the dragon, or mischievous leprechauns on the lookout for gold.

They can be educational

Finally, stepping back in time can often be quite an educational process, particularly when it comes to games. Slots and other forms of gaming demand interaction and engagement, so players have to immerse themselves in the iconography and atmosphere in order to get the best out of them. In that way, they may act as a useful introduction to the themes and ideas related to some time periods.

The same could be said for fantasy too, as playing games may encourage people to find out more about myths and legends they are unfamiliar with. It is also worth noting how a major fantasy series like Game of Thrones was influenced by British history, and events like the Wars of the Roses. With that in mind, it could be said that some fantasy fans may go on to learn more about the real-life inspirations behind their favourite tales.

Dive into a whole new world

So, there you have it. While slot games come in a range of different shapes and sizes these days, both history and fantasy have grown to be huge inspirations in the industry. It will be intriguing to see how their influence develops, particularly as technology continues to evolve and new ways to make even more immersive experiences emerge.

Whether you’re a beginner in this world or an experienced player seeking something new to try, take a look at our selection and get yourself involved in some exciting slots action