Helpful Bingo Tips for New Players

tips for new bingo players
If you want to get the most entertainment (and prizes!) out of your hard-earned bingo money, it’s important to make sure that you are doing all the right things when playing online at Wink Bingo. Although bingo is an entirely random game, there are hidden tips and strategies you can adopt to give yourself the best possible chance of bagging that winning line or house prize.

Whether you’re a seasoned bingo-goer or a total novice, here at Wink Bingo we want to give you all a head start before your next bingo game. Eyes down, as we share these six helpful online bingo tips that will help you enjoy the experience and maybe increase your chances of winning…

Choose games with fewer registered players

Sometimes timing is everything when it comes to winning the best bingo games. If you are lucky enough to be able to choose between playing during peak and off-peak bingo hours, it’s a good idea to log on during the off-peak window. What do we mean by off-peak? Peak hours tend to be in the early evenings and weekends when most people are home from work. Off-peak hours can be through the night or even in the middle of the day. It’s during these hours when bingo rooms and individual games tend to be quieter. With fewer players to compete against for lines and houses, statistically, you will have a greater chance of winning a prize.
In the big-money games scheduled during peak hours, there can be many more people logged on, but that doesn’t automatically mean you won’t win these games either!

Increase your chances of winning with more bingo cards

If your playing budget can handle it, consider playing with multiple bingo cards for a single game of bingo. This will maximise your winning chances, with more numbers covered giving you a better opportunity of completing the card patterns you need. These patterns can differ based on the type of bingo game you play, which we’ll come onto shortly…

Pick a bingo game you can easily understand

Some online bingo rooms are going increasingly heavy on variants of the classic bingo game. These can make it harder for newcomers to pick up and play from day one. The three most common online bingo games are 90-ball, 80-ball and 75-ball bingo:
90-ball bingo – each bingo card has three horizontal lines with five numbers on each row. Players must seek single and double-line patterns to win, before covering all numbers on the card for a full house.
80-ball bingo – each bingo card has 16 bingo numbers arranged inside a square. Again, lines and double lines are the most commonly used winning patterns here, as well as full houses.
75-ball bingo – each bingo card has 24 bingo numbers positioned inside a square, with a star in the middle box. Prizes are given for creating number patterns such as boxes, crosses and lines too.

Get involved with the bingo room chat hosts

If you’re keen to get the most out of your online bingo experience, be sure to socialise with your fellow players. Most online bingo rooms now have dedicated chat hosts that manage each room and share in the successes of players during each round of action. Bingo has always been known as a sociable game and the online industry is working hard to maintain that.
Although having a natter with other players won’t increase your statistical chances of winning, it has been known for chat hosts to dish out extra prizes for random games and quizzes hosted in the chat room!

Always, always play within your means

We can’t reinforce this bingo tip enough. Playing bingo is all about having fun. If you start to deposit more money than you can realistically afford to chase potential bingo prizes, stop. It’s vitally important that you set a bingo budget and stick to it.
If you’re concerned that you haven’t got the willpower to stick to a budget, at Wink Bingo we offer self-limits and self-exclusion options as part of our responsible gaming environment. Compulsive gaming isn’t healthy for anyone but playing bingo for entertainment and to put a smile on your face is fine by us!

Select an online bingo room you can trust

Choosing a trusted, reputable bingo platform is key to all of the above. Primarily, you should choose an online bingo room that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that every game you play is audited and extensively tested to guarantee fair play and transparent payouts always.
At Wink Bingo, all our bingo rooms come under this umbrella. We’re 100% committed to offering a secure, fair environment for all our valued customers. We offer exclusive bingo VIP promotions for new players.

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