There are thousands of slots online. From classic fruit machines and progressive jackpot games to novel innovations, the market is literally flooded with options. Naturally, with so much choice, finding the right type of spinner for you can be a tricky.

Fortunately, given the sheer number of options out there, it’s possible to categorise games. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular slot categories out there, movies and TV. Yes, that’s right, thanks to clever engineering and exclusive licensing deals, you can now relive your favourite flick via the Wink Bingo best slots lobby.

So, without further ado, let’s dim the lights, settle in and hit the play button…

What Are Movie Slots?

It won’t come as shock to learn that movie slots are games based on popular cinematic offerings. Within this genre, you’ll also find titles that are spinoffs of popular TV shows. What gels these games together is that they all feature embedded videos, animations and sound effects.

Although many of today’s top video slots also contain these features, movie and TV titles stand out because the added extras are familiar. In other words, when you see a character or a video clip appear on the screen, you’ll recognise them from a movie or TV show. For example, Batman has been an onscreen icon for decades.

Using this popularity, slot developers have created a number of games where the Caped Crusader and his enemies run across the reels and generally create a more entertaining experience. In fact, what the best movie slots do is to take inspiration from their onscreen counterparts to create neat features. For example, the Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine features the “never sleep again” bonus.

In the same way characters in the movie don’t want to fall asleep, you too have to try and stay awake. In practice, this means uncovering mystery items such as cups of coffee or a phone call. The longer you stay awake, the more money you can win. Eventually, once you find the sleep icon, it’s lights out and back to the main game.

Why Movies and TV Shows Slots?

Of all the themes slot developers could choose, why pick movies and TV shows? Well, the simple answer is that there are actually so many genres out there that movies and TV shows were always going to be covered at some point. However, beyond that, we’ll go back to our point about style and substance. A movie such as Nightmare on Elm Street is extremely entertaining and, moreover, it opens up the possibility for some creative bonuses.

As for the Narcos slot machine, it is filled with burning reels, colourful characters and stylised bet buttons (it looks like a gun chamber filled with bullets). All of these things help to create a more immersive experience that players of all persuasions find more enjoyable.

The Top Movie Slots at Wink Bingo

To help you tune into the world of movie and TV slots, here are three of the hottest picks you’ll find right here at Wink Bingo:

Narcos Slot Machine

As we’ve said, the Narcos slot machine offers a gritty experience where simulated violence is the order of the day. However, in among the drug-fuelled fights and chaos, opportunities abound. Indeed, with the five reels offering 243 ways to win, matching three or more symbols can unlock jackpots topping 300X your total bet.

What’s more, there are special features in this game that can help you win more. The Walking Wild (DEA agents) will substitute for all symbols except the scatter and, as their name suggests, make their way across the reels in a bid to give you more. Beyond that, drive-by shootings can happen at any time and give you instant cash payouts.

The Nightmare on Elm Street Slot Machine

As well as the bonus round we described earlier, the Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine features all the ominous sights and sounds from the movie franchise. Creating a dark yet engaging spectacle, the animations are what make this slot popular within the horror movie genre.

To give some added substance to the impressive styling, wilds expand. In practice, this means Freddy Krueger will not only substitute for all symbols but cover multiple sections of the game board. Although it can vary each time he appears, Krueger’s shadow can expand to cover an entire reels. Additionally, he can multiply your wins by up to 2X.

The Big Lebowski Slot Machine

Released in 20016, the Big Lebowski slot machine takes you to the bowling alley made famous by this Hollywood hit. As well as images of the cast, you’ll have to align matching bowling balls to unlock payouts topping 1,000X your line bet. While that’s great, perhaps the best feature inside Big Lebowski slots is the “spare spin”.

Each time you don’t roll in a winning combination, you get a free spin! Much like having a second chance at hitting a strike (or spare), Big Lebowski slots will roll the reels again when you fail to collect a prize. That, for us, is what makes this one of the top movie slots out there.

For more movie and TV themed slot games such as vikings slots, make sure you create your first account at Wink Bingo and start spinning for real money today.