Celebs Who Love Bingo Just As Much As You!

From the stereotypical elderly lady across the road, to a wealth of A-list Hollywood stars, one of the best things about bingo is the fact that it grips people from all walks of life. There are a huge number of celebrity bingo lovers, some of whom are known to host their own bingo parties and have stakes in some of the best bingo halls in the UK and with bingo games taking the industry by storm, the bingo revolution can only go up from here. We’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the celebrities that are no exception to bingo fever, who love online bingo just as much as you! 

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Perhaps one of the most well-known lovers of bingo, Catherine Zeta-Jones easily made the top of the list. Having played the game throughout her childhood, she believes that her love for the game stems from her upbringing in Wales. However, her love of bingo didn’t fade as she grew older. In fact, reports suggest that the A-lister regularly holds bingo parties in her home and that she even has her own custom-made bingo cards which she updates every Christmas. Catherine’s love for this particular game may have come from the fact that, as a result of winning £100,000 on a night at bingo, her parents were able to enroll her in dance and ballet classes!

Kate Moss

After her marriage, and subsequent divorce, to Jamie Hince, Kate Moss swapped the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle for spending her time playing bingo a friend on a Saturday night. Despite being a wild child back in the 90’s she has since embraced family life in a way that many other models can only aspire to. Interestingly, her friendship with Sadie Frost and commitment to her children sees their Saturday nights consisting of family bingo games, as the model continues to tentatively balance her career with parenthood. There’s plenty to look up to Kate Moss about, and her ability to adapt to this quieter lifestyle is just one of them. She sets a great example to the younger models entering the scene, giving them an icon to look to for inspiration. The fact that she loves bingo is just one of many reasons why we love her! 

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the more interesting cases is that of one of the world’s best footballers – Cristiano Ronaldo. When Ronaldo moved to Manchester United from Lisbon back in 2003, his English wasn’t up to the standard that was needed to communicate with then manager Alex Ferguson. In order to improve this, Ronaldo, surprisingly, turned to bingo. At the age of 22, he was supposedly given a DVD version of the game as a Christmas present, which not only helped him to pick up particular English phrases and words, but also led to him falling in love with the game. Ronaldo even once described bingo as “very exciting” to a Portuguese newspaper - the perfect expression of his love for the simple game!

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has an interesting background with bingo. This particular actor was reportedly a bingo caller when he was 22 in his hometown in New Zealand, but ended up being fired as a result of making up too many rude names! Nevertheless, there had been various reported sightings of Crowe attending bingo halls with his ex-wife Danielle Spencer while she was pregnant, so maybe his days of bingo aren’t truly over! 

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is the face of many things, and one of the more interesting is online bingo for the celebrity world. This incredibly versatile woman balances a huge lifestyle, from the strains of being an X Factor judge, to the necessities of being wife to rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, and even the fast-paced schedule of music manager. In order to de-stress, Sharon has turned to her passion for online bingo. Osbourne is such a lover of the game that she even created her own online bingo site! 

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is known to take part in a number of bingo events in Hollywood and the UK, usually to raise money for charity. While there are rumors that the singer and his friends host bingo parties at their homes, it’s their love of the game and how they use it for good that is really inspiring. However, he doesn’t just arrive at the charity events alone – one sighting saw the star being joined by Dita Von Tease at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood for a charity bingo event. This particular event helped to raise money for a breast cancer charity, and as the singer called house, he found himself in possession of a lovely Diane Merrick leopard-print handbag! 

Gary Barlow

Robbie Williams isn’t the only Take That member whose love for bingo has been publicized. Gary Barlow and fellow bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald all admitted to enjoying a game while they were on tour back in 2015. In fact, Gary Barlow enjoys the game so much, that he integrated a bingo game within his 10th wedding anniversary celebrations, with celebrity guests ranging from Ronan Keating to Alesha Dixon all in attendance.

Prince William

The Royals are lovers of many things, and reports have confirmed that the young Prince William used to spend his spare time in a bingo hall close to Sandhurst Military Academy while training there for his military service. Having been spotted at the bingo hall on numerous occasions, it’s quite easy to see that the Royal truly loves this exciting game. In fact, The Sun reported that he used the alias ‘William Harry’ to sign up to the hall and paid £5 for a book – unfortunately, he didn’t win any prizes!
Bingo is a simply lovable game, and not even the most prestigious of celebrities can resist the bingo fever that has encompassed the nation. With plenty of different online bingo game options to enjoy from 90 ball to 75 ball bingo, there’s plenty of different variations for you to enjoy. Here at Wink Bingo, we host the very best and most exciting games right here on our site, with some of the very best promotions included! Sign up today and get playing!

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