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In this article we provide an interview with Thomas Jones, founder of Bingo Sites – a UK bingo affiliate reviews and comparison portal. is a leading provider of reviews of UK licensed and regulated bingo sites. Much has changed in recent years, so we touched based to see how things have evolved on the affiliate side of things.

Q1. How long has been established? has been going for over 10 years. Over that time, we have evolved a lot to match our user’s needs. Over the lifetime of the websites, we have undergone many updates/redesigns and UX improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Q2. How do you see the future of online bingo in the UK?

I feel online bingo has a strong future due to the British public’s love of the game. With the smoking ban in traditional bingo halls, many players went online, and that trend has carried on growing over the years. With the number
of active bingo players steadily moving in an upward trajectory, this can only be viewed as a good thing for the industry. 

Q3. How have online bingo players evolved over the years?

The stereotypical idea of a bingo player was an elderly person going to the bingo hall on a Friday night for a few games and a catch up with friends. Now we are seeing a much more diverse demographic with a lot of younger people playing online. We are also seeing the rise of bingo ‘nights out’ with the likes of Bongos Bingo gaining popularity. In terms of games, the now faster paced online bingo player regularly enjoys many slot side games in between regular bingo games. Plus, mobile bingo is now on par and even surpassing desktop bingo due to the fact most of the population have at least one mobile device in the household. This provides interesting challenges to game developers who must produce high end products optimized perfectly for mobile devices.

Q4. How has regulatory changes affected you?

The recent crackdown on compliance and regulation can only be positive for the industry as these rules further protect the players. From an affiliate standpoint, we only work with reputable operators who meet the licensing and regulation guidelines in the UK. Rules such as displaying the welcome bonus terms and conditions closely to any call to action button have made us technically adjust our digital assets. We feel overall that is a lot more transparency and this helps players when deciding which bingo site to join.

Q5. What do you look for when deciding to promote a bingo site?

We use very specific criteria when deciding if to promote a bingo site. Firstly, we make sure the bingo sites/company is full licensed. We also verify the welcome bonus is as described, then we look at other aspects like the range of games on over, how the site preforms across the major mobile devices and the level of customer support channels offered to players. We then look through various online affiliate forums to check the reputation of the affiliate program that is attached to the operator. If a site meets all of these, we then reach out to get a feel of the personnel working at the company and if all is a good fit, we move forward with promotion.

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