Slots: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

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Slots: The Ultimate Entertainment Experience (From Prizes to Creativity)

In the entertainment world, one motto rings true: if people like it, give them more of it. Going against the "less is more" philosophy, creative types over the last two decades have doubled down at every attempt. A prime example of this "more is more" attitude in action is Marvel. We all know the comic franchise has branched off in multiple directions since it first started in 1939. However, in more recent years, the movie adaptations have become their own entertainment entity.

As of April 2020, there were 23 Marvel movies. In production since 2007 and distributed by some of the world’s largest studios, including Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney, Marvel has literally become a cinematic marvel. Of course, with its comic foundation and international fanbase, the Marvel movies were always going to do well at the box office. However, to ensure the juice was worth the squeeze, each offering has been a big-budget affair. For 23 movies, investors and studios have paid $4.5 billion.

Fortunately, those investments have been rewarded handsomely. Revenue from those creations has topped $22.5 billion and that’s just at the box office. Add to this merchandise, spinoffs and video games and the number increases significantly. Therefore, when Hollywood executives embrace the notion of more is more, you know they’re onto something. The same goes for video games such as FIFA and Call of Duty. Like Marvel movies, these gaming giants have found the right formula and stuck to it.

Building on Solid Fundamentals to Create Modern Marvels

Again, their foundations were already well-established - football is the most popular sport in the world and everyone love shoot’em up games. However, that doesn’t mean success is guaranteed. Indeed, when you look at FIFA, one of the keys to its success has been diversity. Yes, the software has improved massively since the original FIFA International Soccer in 1993. However, when you look beyond the technical stuff, you’ll see that the game is available in over 50 countries.

Add to this the fact it’s available in 10 languages and can be played on dozens of devices, and accessibility is clearly a major reason the franchise is a hit. Indeed, to-date, more than 100 million copies of FIFA have been sold worldwide. That’s not only a staggering statistic in a vacuum, but it’s also a testament to the longevity of the franchise. With lessons to be taken from major names like Marvel and EA Sports, slot developers have listened.

Today, you can scroll through the Wink Bingo slots lobby and see creativity at its finest. Embracing the idea of quality and consistency from Marvel, many of today’s top slots are now part of a much larger series. From the world of video games, the concepts of diversity, variety and accessibility have also been used to make spinners such as Starburst popular with the masses. Of course, that’s not all slots have going for them. As well as being entertainment offerings like movies and video games, slot machines have cash prizes.

It’s About More than Money

Now, you shouldn’t play any type of casino game for financial gain. Yes, it’s part of the mix and there are plenty of ways to win slot jackpots worth upwards of £1 million. However, it should never be your sole focus. In reality, prizes have become a happy consequence (if you win) when you play. The reason prize money is now secondary to the overall experience is creativity. Take Big Money Slingo as an example. Although there’s an explicit reference to the fact this game has payouts topping £100,000, that’s not the main reason it’s a hit. Firstly, like Marvel and FIFA, Slingo is a franchise. As well as original creations, the Slingo brand (and dynamic) has been added to existing hits such as Rainbow Riches and Deal or No Deal.

With more than 35 Slingo spinners out there, you’re never far from this brand’s style of slot. In tandem with presence, games like Big Money Slingo are fantastically entertaining. By combining bits of bingo with traditional slot game dynamics, you get a crossover experience that’s enjoyable for everyone. Specifically, you’ll get to choose your setting. At the start of the game, you set your bet size, and this transports you to one of six locations. Once you’re ready to spin, a random number of jokers are added to your bingo card. From there, you get six spins to cross off numbers on your ticket.

Additionally, like traditional slots, there are opportunities to pick up free spins and, thus, give yourself extra chances to clear your card. Each time you cross off all the numbers in a line, you win. Basically, this is bingo via a slots set-up. By fusing the best bits of two popular games, Big Money Slingo speaks to more players. In line with that, it’s available on all desktop and mobile devices. Put simply, it plays into the concepts of more is more, diversity and accessibility. That, in turn, has made it a hit in the same way Marvel and FIFA have done in other areas of the entertainment world.

Future-Proof Fundamentals that Will Keep Slots On Top

This is true for many of today’s top online slots. More importantly, it will also be the case with slots in the future. As a further testament to how slots are leading the way in terms of creativity, we only have to look towards virtual reality offerings like Gonzo’s Quest VR. Although a prototype at this stage, this innovation is an example of where slots are heading. Developers like NetEnt are never shy of using new technology and that’s another reason they’ve become leaders in the creative space.

Moving forward, we’re going to see more neat ideas emerge as technology improves. Backing these innovations will be a series of fundamentals. In other words, we’ll still see a focus on quality, accessibility and brand recognition through series and franchises. All in all, the future is bright for slots simply because entertainment is the order of the day. By taking inspiration from other industries, developers have found ways to engage wider demographics and make the slots as much of a gaming experience as a way to win money.

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