4 Unexpected Ways Bingo Cards Are Used Around The World

Bingo cards are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways, not just in traditional bingo games. In fact, all around the world, bingo cards are being used as teaching aids, in drinking games, in hybrid games at casinos and even in art, both online and off. Let's take a closer look at what bingo cards have inspired people to do with them!

1. As An Educational Tool

Although there has been a ton of research done on how playing bingo can keep an older mind sharp, usually by stimulating the parts of the brain that deal with memory, the ancient game is also being used to teach people new tricks. In classrooms the world over, teachers are bringing bingo cards to schools, colleges and universities to use as educational tools. This isn’t surprising, especially since we all know that life doesn't get much better than playing no deposit bingo with fellow enthusiasts.
So how exactly are bingo cards used in the classroom? For one, teachers can use them in vocabulary lessons, listing all the words that students need to know on each card but in a different order. Then, the teacher can call out definitions of words in a random order while the students mark the words they correspond to off on their bingo card. The first person to get a line wins, although the big prize will go to whoever gets a full house, of course! What that prize may be is entirely up to the teacher. 
This method can be used to teach foreign languages, maths, science, history or pretty much anything. Teachers may even decide to add their own variations such as having their students play in teams, using pictures instead of words or phrases, or changing the winning conditions. We don’t know about you, but this seems pretty fun to us. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these teaching methods used outside of the hallowed halls of education, in homes and workplaces around the globe.

2. In Drinking Games

These days, there are almost as many different bingo-based drinking games as there are bingo cards in the world – which, in itself, should tell you just how great of a match bingo and booze can be. Want to have your mind blown? Google "bingo drinking game"... There are over 9,000,000 results, some of which are even fully licensed drinking bingo games sold on Amazon and other online stores.
So, what’s so great about using bingo cards in a drinking game? Well, in some versions you can make up the bingo cards, the rules and the prizes yourself. The first thing you have to do is buy (or make!) some bingo cards. If you fancy some light DIYing, you can get as creative as you like with as many rows and lines as you please and whatever numbers or words you can think of. Say for instance you’d prefer to stick with the theme of drinking. Then, you may want to fill each square on your bingo cards with something to do with a bar: different cocktails, your favourite bartenders or even related objects like coasters or a karaoke machine. One shot on each square is the way to go, but don't be afraid to improvise!
Jot down all the words or pictures you've placed on the bingo cards and play as usual, or make up additional rules. Once you get bingo, you're expected to drink your prize instead of claiming it! Cheers! 
3. In Modern Bingo Games That Aren’t Quite Traditional Bingo
As the popularity of bingo grows, so does the need for more variety, which is why there are now more branches on the bingo tree than ever. Think of traditional bingo as the trunk and take a look at these brand new branches, which include the likes of Deal or No Deal Bingo, Roll On Bingo, Pulse Bingo and many others that can be found on the best bingo sites
One particularly interesting newcomer is Roulette Bingo, which combines the thrill of the classic casino game with the fun of bingo. To play, wagers must to placed and chips added to specific numbers – usually eight in total. The roulette wheel then spins and if your number comes up, you mark it off on your bingo card. Get lucky enough times and you’ll win the jackpot. 
Another new variation is SNAP! Bingo, which makes use of playing cards. Though it’s called SNAP! Bingo players do need a bit of knowledge of poker as you must create a hand after being dealt your cards. That is, if you want to win a prize anyway. The rules change depending on who is running the game, so always make sure give them a read before playing.

4. In Art

It wasn’t long after the internet entered our homes that online bingo began attracting thousands of players what with all the new varieties and top free bingo promotions. Of course, as with any popular pastime, it also wasn’t long before creative minds started coming up with memes either. While the actual game itself was left alone for the most part, it was bingo cards that were soon being mimicked. Now, there are more custom bingo card memes across the internet than you can shake a dabber at. For example, there’s "Loser Bingo" which has some hilarious entries to mark off including “Doesn't wear deodorant” and “Hard drive full of anime”. Another is "Game of Thrones Bingo", which you play while watching an episode. Highlights include “Double crossing” and “Someone Dies” – we imagine that one is quite easy to win, though.
Now, you may be thinking “well, that isn't really art, is it?” and we don’t blame you, but there’s no denying the creativity of memes. Anyone interested in the more traditional sense of the word art though, will be thrilled to hear that bingo cards are often created by popular artists. In some ways, they're like the memes and often have obscure topics at their core, but they can be extremely pretty. 

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