Which Bingo Roomie Personality Are You

Online bingo rooms like the ones here at Wink Bingo are a great way to get to know all of the players around you. When you head to a bingo room for the first time, you will find that there is a player that matches almost every personality type that you can find in a person! With one thing in common, their love of bingo, the online bingo room and corresponding bingo chat is an interesting one to keep up to date with. Have you ever considered which bingo roomie personality fits you the best? Here, we’re taking a closer look at all of the different types of personalities that you can discover in the bingo room, to help you to find out which one matches you! 


How long have you been playing online bingo and participating in bingo roomie chats? Once you have answered this question, you may discover that you are already an online bingo veteran, but if you’re not quite sure, read on to find out what it really means to be the veteran! 
Generally, the Veteran bingo player has been an online presence for a number of years now. You’re regularly logging on to enjoy a session or two of your favourite bingo games, and you’re so full of advice that you’ve even considered dabbling in chatroom moderation or becoming a bingo chat host! You know all of the best bingo games on all of the best sites, you have the best strategies (shared by previous Strategists), and you’re always there to lend a helping hand to the newbies in the room. 

The Newbie

We mentioned the newbie players in the Veteran personality section, and if you’ve just signed up to a bingo site, then the Newbie is what you are! However, you may not necessarily be new to online bingo to be new to the chatroom – in fact a lot of veteran players end up being roomie Newbies, which means you might still need to get to grips with the ultimate bingo dictionary before you start your chat. The chatroom Newbie will generally be overly enthusiastic about everything they talk about – with a number of emojis in almost every message! With lots of energy, you may get a warning from the Veterans to tone it down a little bit – but don’t worry, they’re there to help. You’ll get to grips with bingo etiquette pretty quickly. 

The Bragger

Do you love to tell everybody when you’ve hit a win at the bingo? Then you’re known as the Bragger. Not only are you shouting and screaming about your win with your family and friends at home, but one of your first thoughts after your win is to log in to the chatroom and tell everybody who’s willing to listen. This isn’t a bad thing – bingo chatrooms are supportive places, so if you’re a winner, why not tell the world?! 

The Drifter

If you like to spend your time popping into different chat rooms, disappearing then reappearing again a little later on in the day, then you’re known as the Drifter. You don’t say too much in the chat room, as you prefer to observe, until you find the right chatroom for you! Generally, you don’t come to play online bingo for a chinwag, you’d rather come in, take a look, play your game, get your winnings and leave again.  

The Blabbermouth

Also known as the Talker, the Blabbermouth is the chat room lover that simply won’t stop talking. You couldn’t be any more different to the Drifter, and instead of logging on to online bingo to play, you’re here to socialise instead! Sending one smiley after the next, consistently encouraging every player in the game, and ensuring that you’re lifting the mood of every player in the room, you are one of the most popular players on the site! 

The Superstitious One

Are you worried because you smashed a mirror and you think it’s going to have an impact on your bingo game for the next seven years? Then you’re the Superstitious One. You love to play online bingo, but one wrong move and you’re petrified that your good bingo luck will be changed forever! However, you’re very truthful, and transparent with your game play, making you a trustworthy chatroom member, with every game that you play. Just watch out for the black cats and ladders! 

The Strategist

You love your bingo, but as the Strategist, you don’t simply play. You have graphs, charts, strategies, plans, pie charts and all of the other tools of the trade that you think you’re going to need in order to get the best odds while you play. You want to ensure that you gain an edge on the competition when playing online bingo, and as the Strategist, you are always ready to jump into the game with the best odds. If you’re feeling nice, you may even share your tips and tricks with the chatroom group – although you don’t want to give away too much if you still want to be in with the best winning chance. Unfortunately, you may not quite have realised that you’re playing bingo, and not poker! 

Sign up to Wink Bingo today to determine which bingo roomie personality you have! 

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