If you’re looking for an exciting, immersive and utterly unique slot machine experience, then Da Vinci Diamonds slot will have you covered. This incredible 5-reel, 20 payline slot machine provides you with a huge number of features to ensure that the fun never ends. This stylish masterpiece contains the work of legendary artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, allowing his spirit to truly live on in the world of slot machines.

As you can imagine from the master behind the incredulous Mona Lisa, Da Vinci Diamonds offers stunning gameplay with every spin, offering you a truly immersive experience at every moment. Whether you’re looking to win some free spins or you want to try out the exciting Tumbling Reels feature, you can be certain to find everything you’re looking for with Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine. As one of the best slots at WINK Bingo, what are you waiting for?

How To Play Da Vinci Diamonds?

Playing the Da Vinci Diamonds slot with WINK Bingo is simple. You have the freedom to choose how much you would like to bet per line and if you want to allow the game to play for you, turn to the Auto Play option. This option will continue to spin the reels until you hit a bonus, your balance runs out or until you hit Stop. Using the panel of buttons at the bottom of the screen, you are able to control every aspect – except the outcome of the reels of course!

Use the left and right arrows next to Line Bet to determine how much you would like to bet per line. Keep in mind however, that the increase and reduction is not always linear, so keep an eye on how much you’re betting at all times. While you are able to change the amount you are betting per line, the number of lines (20) will remain fixed at all times.

Once you have chosen your line bet and you’re happy to start playing, then click the Spin button to see if it’s your lucky day!

Placing Your Bets on Davinci Diamonds Slots

While we have explained how to play Davinci Diamonds, there are a few tips to consider when it comes to placing your bets. On each of the 20 paylines, you are able to bet between 1 and 5 credits.

Updating the paylines with how much you would like to bet is simple:

1 Per Line

1 Credit On 20 Paylines

2 Per Line

2 Credit On 20 Paylines

3 Per Line

3 Credit On 20 Paylines

4 Per Line

4 Credit On 20 Paylines

Bet Max

5 Credit On 20 Paylines

How much you would like to bet on the paylines is entirely up to you and how you would like to play, although some believe Bet Max makes it more likely to trigger the bonuses.

Tumbling Reels Feature

If you’re looking for a truly unique feature, then the Tumbling Reels feature on the Davinci Diamonds slot is the perfect option to satisfy your needs. On the pay table, you will notice a number of symbol combinations which have the potential to trigger this exciting bonus feature. If you happen to trigger it, you will notice that all symbols in any of the winning combinations which are situated on the reels at the time will disappear.

Then, a number of new symbols will tumble down from above in order to fill up the now empty spaces. If the new symbols create a number of new winning combinations then their value will be added to the win meter and the process will continue until no new winning combinations are created from the tumbling symbols. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! The Tumbling Reels features really does have the potential to help you to win big!

Da Vinci Diamonds - Free Spins Bonus

If the Tumbling Reels feature wasn’t enough when you play Davinci Diamonds slot, then you can also benefit from the Free Spins Bonus. With this particular slot game, you can enjoy a huge number of ways to win.

The Free Spins bonus round will be triggered when you spin the reels and three Bonus symbols land on one of the 20 active paylines. If, however, you end up with more than three Bonus symbols lying across more than one of the active paylines, be aware that the bonus round will only be triggered once per spin. When you trigger the bonus round, you are given six free spins to enjoy. If your free spins land three more Bonus symbols, you will be gifted even more free spins.

You are also able to trigger the Bonus when you’ve triggered the Tumbling Reels feature, and the symbols will still continue to tumble even during the Bonus Round. The Free Spins bonus offerings are as follows:

  • Three Bonus Symbols – 4 Free Spins
  • Four Bonus Symbols – 10 Free Spins
  • 5 Bonus Symbols – 15 Free Spins

You can enjoy a total of up to 300 free spins in every bonus round that you trigger and the bonus will stop when all free spins that you have achieved have run out.

Why Should You Play Da Vinci Diamonds?

Da Vinci Diamonds offers a truly immersive and stunning gameplay experience. With the option to adjust sound and video as well as adjust the graphics quality, you are in complete control at all times when you play this incredible slot machine. Catch a glimpse of Mona Lisa or even Da Vinci himself when you play Da Vinci Diamonds and benefit from some of the best bonuses and features on the market.