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When it comes to picking out numbers on bingo, you have a tricky decision to make. Whether you’re hoping to get lucky with a lottery ticket or win big whilst playing on bingo sites, you no doubt want to come out on top, and even though you know it’s all random really, it still feels like fate has a part to play, too, doesn’t it?

That’s probably why so many of us are loathe to have our numbers randomly assigned. The impersonality of the process makes it seem like we’ll never end up with that much-desired money in our hands, because what greater force is ever going to listen if we can’t even be bothered to make the selection ourselves?

If you know it’s silly but can still relate, this article is for you. Written with the indecisive and uncertain in mind, it’s going to share some of the numbers that proved lucky in a few of your favourite films and TV shows. You never know – they might just work for you too. 


Lost was a riddle in and of itself, and one of its favourite things to tease us with was the significance of a few essential numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42.
We first saw these written in mysterious documents that the lovable Hurley discovered, but later went on to learn that the same six digits were those the big-boned and bearded fan favourite used to win a lottery jackpot.

Lucky but cursed all at the same time, flashback scenes revealed that, following his win, everyone around Hurley began to suffer increasingly bad fortunes.

Finally checking himself into a mental asylum, the character was confronted by a patient who repeatedly recited the numbers to him, all the while stating they were ‘bad’. Okay, they might not have worked for everyone, but the important thing to remember is this: they did help Hurley win some serious dollar!

The Lottery Ticket

Released in 2010, The Lottery Ticket was not only a very fun flick, but also offers another six digits for us to work with. The movie tells the tale of Kevin Carson (played by Bow Wow), an ordinary guy living in the projects.

Going in with his grandma for a lottery ticket, the two use a set of numbers contained in a fortune cookie, and soon find themselves the lucky winners of a $375 million jackpot.

Although they’re initially forced to keep their good luck a secret as the claims office is closed for a long weekend, the plot thickens when their opportunistic neighbours discover the duo are holding onto the winning ticket.

Why not take note of their lucky numbers for these free bingo games to play? 4, 21, 32, 33, 42 & 45 for those who are interested.       

It Could Happen to You

So what’s the story behind It Could Happen To You? This 1994 romantic comedy follows police officer Charlie Lang and kind-hearted waitress Yvonne Biasi.

After an unknowingly fateful encounter between the two, the cop realises he doesn’t have any change for a tip, but tells his server that if he ever wins big, he’ll be sure to split the winnings with her by way of apology.

Cue victory and a rather large jackpot winging its way to Lang, and the character is left with something of a conundrum.

Though he stays true to his word, his scheming wife Muriel has a lot to say about the arrangement, and in true silver-screen style, plenty of drama ensues. Here, 6, 8, 12, 16, 26 & 64 are the numbers picked.


Released in 2003, fun thriller Paycheck has a cast spearheaded by the inimitable Ben Affleck.

Set around a reverse engineer who analyses client competitors’ technology before recreating it with improvements of his own, this is one seriously watchable flick, and that’s all to do with its twist.

You see, to protect both his own integrity and the intellectual property of those he works with, Affleck’s character undergoes a memory wipe after each assignment - but on one particular occasion, he only does so after writing down the winning numbers.

Cue a lot of money winging its way into his bank account thanks to this combination: 4, 17, 22, 26, 37, 44 & 70.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is quite possibly one of the most popular films in this niche genre. Led by John Travolta’s lovable but broke weatherman, it charts the story of Russ Richards, who opens a snowmobile dealership only to struggle when the weather is unseasonably warm.

Attempting to run an insurance scam to help him out of the sticky situation he finds himself in, he becomes even more heavily indebted when it all goes wrong.

In desperation, Richards and his TV-star girlfriend find a way to rig the lottery and make sure it’s her cousin who buys the winning ticket.

With the assistance of 7, 9, 16, 22, 27 70, the jackpot is theirs, even if their plans do go a little awry.

Waking Ned Devine

An English comedy filmed on the Isle of Man,Waking Ned Devinebegins with a rather memorable scene: the main character dead but clutching a winning lottery ticket in his hand.

he movie then goes back in time, to show us the villagers’ combined efforts to outsmart lottery officials and snare the prize for themselves.

Exploring how people capitalise on human greed and how ruthless society can be, the film nonetheless has the winning numbers we need – in this case, 4, 7, 19, 25, 29 & 40.

Tell us, which of these charmed numbers would you choose when playing these bingo jackpots?

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