How To Find Lucky Slots

If you, like many other players around the world, are looking to hit it lucky on one winning combination, you need to bag some magic tricks which might help you do so. Despite what some players say, the professionals have spoken and disagreed. There is, in fact, a way to hit it lucky, all you need to do is find lucky slots and you stand to win jackpot prizes.

Once you find the right video slots, you have an investment for all of eternity or at least while the slots game is in existence. So allow us to help you find yourself the ultimate slots game, the luckiest of them all and the one to payout each time you play it. 

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Sign Up At Reputable Online Casinos for Lucky Slots

It’s an unwritten fact that reputable online casinos or slots sites have the luckiest slots and it’s mainly because all the games at these sites are regulated and offer fair play. Fair play means that games are developed with the intention of paying out in accordance with mathematical formulas, so rather than counting these as lucky slots, they have actually been designed to award players after a certain amount of spins.

Reputable casinos are also the ones to pay out any winnings requested by the player. It doesn’t help that you play lucky slots and can’t access your winnings. Unfortunately, there are some casinos that take advantage of trusting players and then the players will find themselves in a rather unlucky situation. By finding a reputable online casino, you have just taken the first step in the right direction and are one step closer to finding lucky slots. 

Play Free Versions

If you ever wanted to find out if slots pay out and how frequently they do, you should search online for the free version of the game. This will give you an idea of whether or not the slots game can be considered a lucky on based on how frequently the game payouts.
Free slot games also allow you to see how valuable the bonus rounds are and if you can accumulate winnings during the free spins play and through landing winning combinations. Although some free versions do not allow for the bonus round to be activated, you can search to see if there is a bonus round and then based on how the game pays out during the base game, your decision to categorize it as a lucky slot or other, can be based on this information. 

Listen to Casino Forum Advice

More often than not a good tip can be found through casino forum portals. This is where players come to seek the professional counsel of other players. Forums have multiple purposes, but one would use these sites to seek out lucky slots if they didn’t know where to begin. This is a great starting point and players can find more than one lucky slots game if they have used this platform as a means of accessing new and unheard of games.

Casino games are reviewed and rated on these social platforms so even when you didn’t know you were actually looking for lucky slots, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a few based on the recommendations of players. 
Sign up with more than one casino forum to get a wider presence and stay up to date with more new releases. There are a number of recommended sites to choose from but ask on the forums which other players have encountered lucky slots and if they could recommend other platforms. 

Look at the RTP %

The RTP % is the return to player percentage the slot machine pays out on each deposit. So basically a lower RTP percentage means that upon making a deposit, the game may not payout as frequently as a medium to high volatility slots. Lucky slots are usually medium to high volatility and offer frequent pay outs as well as lower rates or wager amounts. Not all new releases publicly display the RTP % so there may be some research required to determine the volatility of the slots, but if you are looking try to play a slots game with an RTP of anything above 95%.

If you should find a slots game with a medium to high RTP you can count your lucky stars, chances are you can get lucky simply through reading the return to a player percentage before signing in. 


One of the most obvious choices or means of locating lucky slots is finding them through research. Online casino players are notorious for leaving reviews that help other players determine the value and worth of interest in playing these slots. Reviews are readily available through thorough research and can be found online. Complete your research before making a real money slots wager which is necessary to unlock the lucky slots jackpot. 

Hot New Releases

Usually, the hot new release section of an online casino will contain a number of lucky slots.Hot new releases are handpicked for players looking for great features, bonus games and high RTP’s. This is the section where players go seek out the most potentially rewarding slots games to ensure their lucky wins.

Hot wins are lucky slots and they are the best to payout wins for some reason. They tend to payout the most and are played the most which could be why they payout so often. The more players enjoy these hot new releases, the more they tend to payout as each winning combination has been formed over a number of a few spins.

If you are looking for lucky slots, you need to ensure that you have the resources to do so. You will need the internet to help you locate these high paying slots games but the search is well worth the wait. Change the way you game and only play the luckiest slots online casinos have to offer. If you know what you are looking for and how to find them, your entire gaming experience will be changed for the good. 

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