Fun Games to pick up a Slow Friday Night

Friday bingo night

You just can’t beat that Friday feeling can you? Hardly anyone is going to argue against Friday being the best day of the week because, let’s face it, without this glorious day to save us we’d probably all end up having major fallouts with our work colleagues. Friday represents a world of opportunities for fun and frolicking, no matter where you are. Even if you just feel like staying in and taking it easy, you can up the excitement levels easily. Here are some great ideas to help you do just that.

Play Bingo Games Online

One of the best Friday night options for decades was to go down to the local bingo hall, meet up with mates, and have a good laugh over some bingo games. This tradition may have died out a bit in recent times, but that’s only because nowadays you don’t need to step out into the dark and dreary night to get a game of bingo. You can still get the same thrilling experience, though.
How can that be done, you ask. Well, you may not believe it but online bingo sites have managed to recreate the bingo halls of old and make them even bigger and better. It’s like everything that made the brick and mortar establishments so enjoyable has been multiplied, enhanced, and amplified for the internet generation. Seriously, what’s better than sitting in your dressing gown with a cupper and playing some 75 ball bingo games? Ok, maybe replace the cupper with a glass of chardonnay and you’re on to a Friday night winner.   
Now, we know what you’re thinking – where’s the fun in playing free bingo games on your own? The thing is, though, you’re far from being alone. You can use the chat feature to have a good chin waggle – or whatever the keyboard equivalent is – with other likeminded people online.

Play Bingo Now

A Wide Variety of Fun & Games

Playing online gives access to all the classic bingo offerings from 75 ball to 90 ball and VIP bingo games, and it’s easy to play numerous games at the same time to really boost the excitement levels. Where online bingo sites really come into their own, however, is in the wide variety of other types of games on offer.
By having a quick browse around a bingo site, you might see a few games that you hadn’t even thought about playing before. One of the biggest draws of online bingo sites now is the range of iGaming titles available. Slot games are the best-known offerings, and they’ve really taken the world by storm in recent years. If you haven’t played slots before, what are you waiting for? You’ll soon see why there is such a huge attraction to playing these games.
Probably the biggest selling point of slots is the fact that there’s a theme to suit almost any player. Back in the day, the fruit symbols which were ubiquitous with the games appealed to a fairly niche audience. But now they’re based on hit TV shows and films, along with popular music acts and board games. For example, some of the slot game themes include Monopoly, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Narcos. The titles are thrilling in that they provide the opportunity for some incredibly big wins.

Tantalising Bingo Offers

Another added perk to playing bingo online is the amount of superb bonuses and special offers available to players. These don’t just come in the form of sign up deals, they also take the shape of daily and weekly promotions. If you’re someone who likes staying in on a Friday night, you will have access to some of the best bonuses of the week.
How many times have you been at a bingo game with one number left, only to have someone shout bingo and snatch away your hopes of winning? Well, if it has happened to you, you’ll know that it’s enough to ruin a Friday night. Luckily, there are some Friday bingo promotions such as the 1TG Friday promotion which stops that oh-so-close agony in its tracks before you even get a chance to be slightly annoyed. With that promotion, if you have one ball left to go, you receive another play for free. For a share of £100 in cash, this isn’t a bad deal at all.
With online bingo there to liven up your living room, there’s no such thing as a slow Friday night anymore. Not only are there tons of bingo games to get involved with, but you can also socialise with other players at the same time. Not to mention the diverse variety of intense slot games to give yourself a bit of a change from the bingo. With bonuses aplenty, online bingo at home could arguably beat a night out in town. Get playing this weekend and you be the judge. Thank God it’s Friday.

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