Bingo Skills

bingo skills
When you first start playing bingo, you might wonder whether there is any skill involved. You buy your tickets for the next game, the tickets are given to you at random and the numbers are called using a random number generator. But when you drill down, it’s clear that there is some skill involved. After all, you can influence your potential chances of winning by buying more tickets to increase your probability.

Have a word with any keen players within our Wink Bingo community and you’ll soon discover that there is more to this game than meets the eye. We’ve put together three key skills you need as a bingo player; skills that could be very easily transferrable to real-life situations.

The skills you need to play bingo


Any winning bingo player will tell you that you need to be able to focus on the game from the moment the first ball is called. Concentration is key to avoid missing out on a number and any potential prizes. An eye for detail is a must, particularly if you choose to play with multiple bingo tickets to increase your chances of winning a line or house. The ability to filter out potential distractions is a bingo skill that is in high demand in many other walks of life.

You might be a cashier in a bank, with a huge queue of customers waiting to deposit cash or cheques. You’ll need to use all the skills you’ve gained as a bingo player at the cashier desk to keep count, stay focused and ignore any external noise. Alternatively, you might be a car mechanic with a mounting list of cars requiring MOTs. The focus you have gained as a bingo player should enable you to conduct the right tests and checks despite the time constraints.

Money management

We don’t all have limitless bingo budgets. In fact, setting a budget for your bingo action is the best way to harness your playing power. By maximising your bingo budget, you can play for longer and ensure that your bankroll gives you the best possible chance of winning the biggest jackpots. Effective money management is a critical factor for anyone thinking of developing a bingo strategy. Although it is a low-stake game compared with some other forms of iGaming like video slots, you still need to keep an eye on how much money you spend on your bingo games.

Knowing how best to make your bingo budget work for you is key. If you have a small limit like £10, it’s important to be savvy and keep your eyes peeled for the low-value bingo games that run every day. When we say low-value, we mean games with bingo tickets that cost anything from 1p to 10p. With small budgets like £10, just buy a single strip of six tickets. If you are lucky enough to win, you can then use some of your winnings to buy more tickets for your next game, increasing your chances of consecutive wins. At Wink Bingo, we go one better and provide our community with a string of bingo games too. Play as many of these as you can and watch your budget grow

This frugal trait is a very important attribute to transfer to everyday life. It can help you to manage your own personal finances. A thrifty attitude to your bingo can only be good for your outgoings outside of the bingo room. It will give you a ruthless streak when deciding what your necessities are and what your ‘nice to haves’ might be.


The nature of the bingo industry has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of decades. Although bingo halls still exist, we’re delighted that many bingo fans enjoy logging on to communities like Wink Bingo to get their bingo game at home or on the go. Today’s online bingo players need to learn to be adaptable and flexible. With so many different types of bingo games to choose from, from 90-ball games to slingo, players need to be more clued up than ever to keep pace with the rules.

This flexibility and adaptability is another key skill that’s easily transferrable into everyday life. Being adaptable is vital in the modern world, particularly when you think about your career. Most of us are living and working longer than ever before, so it’s likely that you’ll need to show a willingness to evolve and try new things; perhaps even going the whole hog and changing your career path entirely. Being an adaptable bingo player will empower you to be more flexible with even bigger life decisions.

Explore our full range of bingo games online at Wink Bingo

One of the main reasons why the wink bingo sites community has grown into one of the biggest in the UK is our extensive choice of bingo games. No bingo session is ever the same at Wink Bingo, thanks to a host of options to suit all bingo budgets.

In the UK, 90-ball bingo is the most popular version of the game and that’s why we also provide plenty of rooms for this classic form of the game. It’s the old-school game that is recognisable for all generations of Wink Bingo’ers. We haven’t forgotten players overseas though, with our American-style 75-ball bingo games also offering exciting action with a twist.

Each day you can also play for guaranteed jackpots, with even bigger monthly jackpot games also scheduled. It’s all part of the Wink Bingo Experience!

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