Celebrate Oscar Night 2017 in Bingo Style

Film fans and celeb watchers around the world are loving this time of year. Not only is winter coming to a close, it also happens to be award ceremony season. Actors and movie stars adorn the red carpets in their finest frocks and fancy tuxedos, with their acceptance speeches at the ready. Of course, the most highly anticipated ceremony of all has got to be The Oscars, aka The Academy Awards. This year’s 89th Academy Award Ceremony will take place in Hollywood’s grand Dolby Theatre on February 26th. 

The great thing is, you don’t need to be there in order to celebrate and get in on the fun. The Academy Awards are broadcast live in over 225 countries to around 1 billion viewers. Of course, the UK is no exception. It’s no secret that Brits love a good bash, so we’ve come up with some fun ideas for celebrating Oscar night across the pond.

Setting the Atmosphere

If you plan on watching the ceremony live, it might be a bit late in the UK (which is 8 hours ahead of LA). No worries, this provides a perfect excuse for a pajama party! Pajama parties shouldn’t be reserved for kiddies. In fact, adults ought to take advantage of the fact that they are allowed to stay up late and get in on the Oscar action. Gather a group of your bessie mates and put together an Oscar-style pajama party.

If you are making the party at home, you might not want to sit around in a ballgown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of things. Why not pick up some bits and pieces from your local party shop. Gals can wear a tutu, some tinsel or a glamourous crown, as well as paint their faces with glitter. If the guys plan on joining in, they could wear a bowtie and gel their hair back into a fancy quiff. You might also want to invest in some gold balloons and fun decorative items to set the mood. The kitschier the better! 

Of course, no British party would be complete without a generous supply of alky. For Oscar night, beer doesn’t quite cut it (save that for the footie). The Academy Awards provide a perfect excuse to pop open the bubbly. Be sure to stock up on some Champers or a decent Cava. For an added twist, you can make a Kir Royale by colouring your bubbly with Crème de Cassis. If you plan on going all out, you can drop a cherry or raspberry inside the glass! As for nibbles, get everybody to chip in and make some fancy finger food. Great party food might include some mushroom volovants, shrimp cocktails, sausage on a stick or pizza wheels. Your party nibbles don’t have to be too complicated, so long as they are small and pretty. In fact, you can make your event as simple or as far out as you like, as long as you have an enjoyable Oscar evening.

•    Dress the part
•    Put up some fun decorations
•    Indulge in some bubbly
•    Feast on finger food

Oscars Bingo Game

There’s nothing like a good game to liven up a party. Seeing as you love Bingo, why not turn your Academy Award bash into a Bingo Oscar night! Bingo Oscar cards have become all the rage, and the internet is full of fun and innovative ideas that are quite easy to put together. In fact, you don’t even need to make your own. There are dozens of printable Bingo cards with different Academy Award themed ideas. Most of the cards have a 5x5 grid and are decorated in Oscar style. Many of them have a Free Square with a Hollywood star shape or Oscar statue in the middle. 

Check out our hot list of Oscar themed Bingo card ideas, plus handy links…

Oscar Nominees Bingo Cards

Every Oscar season, there is no shortage of nominees. The great about this is, you can make several Bingo cards for all the different nominee categories. To play, simply fill in the winners as they are called out.
The lovely Britni from PlayPartyPlan.com  has put together a whole PDF page with printable Bingo cards containing this year’s Academy Award nominees. We are most impressed by her efforts and we reckon you will be too!

Oscar Faux Pas Bingo Cards

At the Oscars, things don’t always go according to plan. There’s usually a faux pas or two, but that’s what makes the event such fun! You could make a Bingo card containing possible scenarios an d fun predictions. For example: Somebody trips over their gown, actor makes political speech, somebody says something offensive, winner thanks agent, winner forgets to thank spouse, etc. As and when these things happen, you simply fill in your card.
Blogger Lia Griffith  has put together some very cool prediction Bingo Cards. To download her cards, you need to register to her website.

Oscar Fashion Bingo Cards

Of course, a HUGE part of Oscar night is the fashion. Why not put together an Oscar fashion themed Bingo card. You could include all sorts of fashion items and predictions. For example, woman wears trousers, maternity dress, man in white suit, man with no socks, over the top ballgown, etc. 

Our friends over at eVite.com have made it nice and easy for you by creating printable Oscar Fashion Bingo Cards. No registration required! Access your cards here

eVite.com oscar fashion bingo cards

If you want to take your evening to the next level, you could order some Oscar statuettes or lollypops and hand them to your friends when they win their Oscar Bingo game. The possibilities are endless! 

wink bingo oscar promotion


And the winner is…

Here at Wink Bingo, we also like to celebrate award season. Throughout February, we’ve been running special award themed Bingo games. To mark Oscar night, on the 26th we have an extra special game called The Silver Screen, which contains snazzy jackpot prizes worth up to £4,500. If you’d like to participate, you can pre-buy your tickets HERE . But whatever you do, be sure to have a FAB Oscar night daaahlings!


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