Wink’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017- Get in Shape

bingo or bust

The New Year is here and with the arrival of 2017 comes the chance to reevaluate your goals, prioritize your time and make some resolutions (yet again)!
Unfortunately, as we all know from experience, the making of the resolution and the achieving of it are two completely different things; “I’ll start next week, when I have some spare time, when the moon turns pink, when I wake up next to David Beckham”.
We have compiled a list of Wink’s top five resolutions for 2017 and included the pitfalls to avoid and some tips to help ensure your success.

1. Get in Shape
2. Eat Healthier
3. Reduce Stress
4. Get Organized
5. Get Happy

1. Get in Shape

This is in everyone’s top five and is something we would all want to achieve, eventually, usually without moving off the sofa. It’s easy enough to start an exercise program or pay money for a gym membership but the trick is to find the proper routine that will give you steady results and be easy to stick to. Take a look at these common mistakes so you can avoid making them this year.

Too Keen

“I will exercise every day for 90 minutes!” or “I will never eat fast food again”
This is the mantra heard mainly in the first week of January but never seemingly lasting into February. This is the wrong way of going about it. It’s important to be realistic about your goals and not rely on the fleeting willpower that seems to flourish only on January 1st. Most of us are just not physically or mentally prepared for drastic lifestyle changes.
bingo or bust

Vague Goal Setting

“I want to get fit” or “I want to lose weight”
These are great sounding goals but what do they actually mean? What measurement confirms that you are fit? How do you know when you have done well or when you need make that extra push? Goals do not work unless they are specific so let’s get specific; “I want to get fit” becomes “I will do 30 minutes of exercise four days a week” and “I want to lose weight” becomes “I want to lose 10 lbs before Easter”.

Lack of Accountability

If you miss a workout, sneak a couple of Jaffa Cakes with your morning coffee of grab a McDonalds for lunch the world will not come to an end. In fact, it won’t matter at all because no one but you will know. Not having someone to be accountable to lets you off the hook with only your conscience to appease.  “I’ll skip tonight’s session but I’ll make up for it later in the week” or “Just a thin slice of cake won’t make any difference”. It’s all the “thin slices” that add up and sabotage any chance of success before you even get started. Be accountable to someone other than yourself. Get a workout buddy or a personal trainer for the first few weeks. Knowing that you have an appointment or someone to disappoint will make you much less likely to cheat.

I Don’t Have Time

Unfortunately this excuse just won’t wash. It’s all a question of priorities. There are millions of others out there with a full time job, have kids to take care of (including single parents) or have buzzing social lives and still find the time to stay in shape and eat well. This is just a question of changing the way you think and prioritizing. Instead of saying “I don’t have time” take a look at what you are spending your time on and make the change. Maybe record tonight’s episode of ‘Strictly’ and watch it only after you have exercised?

Too Much Research

Some of us spend hours reading fitness articles and checking out different exercise regimes but don’t feel we are ready until we know all there is to know. Instead of starting we just keep putting off making that change until we feel we know everything. The truth is this is a great way to fool ourselves into thinking that the procrastination is for our own benefit. Stop the research and start doing something, anything, as long as you make a start. You cannot succeed at something you never started.
bingo or bust

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