5 Inspired Ideas to Spend Your Christmas Shopping Voucher

We know it can sound cliché, but Christmas really is a time for giving. That’s what makes the season so special: you get to give back to all of the people you care about. You can treat your amazing mum, your one-of-a-kind dad, your zany friends and your precious loved ones and, in return, you’ll get to see gorgeous grins light up their faces.

For Wink Bingo, those people we’re talking about are you – the ones who are reading this. It’s only because of your continued support, custom, and faith in our company that we’ve managed to achieve so much and bring happiness to so many, and that’s why we’ve come up some very special rewards this winter: a series of retail vouchers worth anywhere between £5 and £100.

It’s our own way of giving back to you for helping make us one of the best bingo sites out there, and we’re glad to be able to do it, but we’re not stopping there. Should you find yourself stuck for inspiration, we’ve also come up with a few fantastic, out-of-the-box ideas on how to spend it, so you too can make a difference this holiday season.

1. Pass it forward to a friend

When the holiday season is nigh, going into town and seeing all of the gorgeous gifts on offer is every shopper’s dream, but sometimes, getting something for yourself feels less rewarding than treating somebody else.

If you’re the sort of altruistic soul who can relate to this, maybe you could decide not to spend your voucher, but to pass on your good fortune by donating it to a slightly-less-lucky friend.

It’s entirely up to you whether you use the money that’s on it to pick them out a present or give it to them as it is so they can choose themselves, but we guarantee that doing so will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

From where we’re standing, some might even say a feeling like that is pretty much priceless – kind of like when your bingo numbers all come up at once!

2. Hand it to someone in need

We really love the idea of passing your good fortune forward, but if there’s no one in your immediate circle who’s in dire straits, why not hand it to someone who’s really struggling this Christmas instead?

Charity Crisis suggests there are more than 8,000 men, women, and children sleeping rough on the streets in England, and as sad as it is to think about, most of them won’t have anyone to give them a gift this holiday season.

 If you really want to make a difference, why not be the person who bucks that trend? Hand them your voucher, however large or small the amount that’s on it, and put a smile on their face this winter.

3. Buy some goodies for the pooches in your local pound

It’s not only people who can find themselves without a home of their own at Christmas. Sanctuaries and rescue facilities across the UK are overflowing with all manner of unwanted pets, from playful puppies to grumpy old tomcats and even Shetland ponies.

If you’re an animal lover at heart, why not use the money you’re gifted to help them? If this idea tickles your fancy, pick up some goodies in-store, whether its squeaky toys or soft fluffy blankets, and then head down to a nearby animal charity and hand out what you’ve collected.

If you’re not sure what they need, you can always gift the voucher as is, and let the staff either pick out some appropriate presents on your behalf or auction it off at their next fundraising event – every little helps!

4. Help out our native wildlife

It’s always nice to be altruistic and, sometimes, it’s the small things that help the most. Winter 2017 was very hard for Britain’s wildlife, with many of our native animals struggling with the cold temperatures and unusually snowy conditions.

According to the experts, however, there’s lots we can do to aid them, so why not put your money towards making a difference? You can do this both by investing in food for your wild visitors and also by creating custom-built hidey holes and nesting boxes (take a look online to see where you can get these or, alternatively, how to make them yourself).

Wet dog and cat food (non-fish-based), cat biscuits, sunflower seeds, and nuts are especially appreciated by hedgehogs, whilst a well-stocked bird table can help to save lots of lives once the temperature drops.

5. Assist displaced families in getting back on their feet

Although Christmas should be a time of happiness and joy, not everyone is fortunate enough to get to spend it in their own home – or even to have a home, for that matter.

Thanks to the war and strife that exist in many parts of the world, millions of families have been displaced in recent years, and many of them have been forced to seek refuge in countries far from their own, often with only the clothes on their backs.

The best way to help is by working with the organisations set up for such a purpose – and your voucher could be of use to them. Donate it, and the money it contains, to their cause, and make things just a little bit better for the families trapped in such desperate situations.

At Wink Bingo, we’re proud to have created something special – not only the best online bingo, but a family of sorts - one made up of the many amazing people like you. Pass it forward and make us proud!

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