Flash Five Bingo Game - What’s it All About?

Flash Fives Bingo is fun, fast and over in a flash. Wink Bingo is among a select number of bingo sites to offer this exclusive new game. Also known as 52-5 Bingo, Flash Fives is unlike any bingo game you’ve seen before. It is speedy, action packed and the wins are quick. Flash Fives looks quite different too. It uses playing cards instead of the typical numbered balls that you’ll see in more traditional 75 Ball and 90 Ball Bingo games. We all know Bingo to be an exciting game, but Flash Fives takes it to the next level. You won’t be disappointed!

•    Exciting new Bingo format

•    Quick  action, quick wins

Tickets Please!

There are no balls in Flash Fives. Instead, each Flash Fives bingo ticket contains 5 playing cards that have been randomly picked out of a 52 card deck (hence the name 52-5 Bingo). Whenever a card on your ticket is called, it will be covered with a chip. In order to win the game, you simply need to cover all 5 cards first. It couldn’t be easier!

Once you’ve purchased your Flash Fives ticket, all you have to do is wait for the next game to commence. You should get an alert around 30 seconds before each game begins, giving you just enough time to buy more tickets. Because the games are so short, there are lots of new games beginning at regular intervals. Unlike traditional bingo games, there’s hardly any waiting involved. 

•    Each ticket contains 5 playing cards from a 52 card deck

•    New  games begin every few minutes

How to be a Flash Fives Winner

In Flash Fives, you get a winning ‘coverall’ when all 5 cards have been covered with chips. At the end of each game a message will appear, announcing the name the winner. When there is more than one winner in a single game, the prize pot is divided equally between the winning players.  

The chips are automatically placed over your winning cards whenever they are called.  The good thing about this is that you won’t miss a win. It doesn’t matter if your internet connection is slow, or if you get distracted, you’ll receive your prize, no matter what!

•    Cover all 5 cards to win a game 

•    Chips are automatically placed over winning cards

Flash Five Bingo - Fun Features

The key feature in Flash Fives Bingo is Fun! You’ll also enjoy a nice big bingo chat window, where the banter is just as fast-paced and action-packed as the game itself. Make new friends and have a giggle as your cards are called. Speaking of calling, 52-5 Bingo has a friendly Bingo Caller, who announces the cards as they are picked from a randomly shuffled deck. 

If you were too busy chatting whilst the calls were taking place, no worries. There’s a ‘Call’ button that lets you view all the recently called cards. Furthermore, if you need to do something else whilst your game is in play, no problem… You can come back later and check your ‘Game History’ to see if you’ve won! In addition to all these cool features, there’s also a timer that lets you know when each new game is about to start, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any action.

•    Fun  & friendly chat rooms with plenty of action

•    Advanced features help you keep track of calls & wins

What Can I Win in Flash Five Bingo?

Flash Fives Bingo was designed to be fast and fun. The game’s prizes are equally exciting! You can expect to find all sorts of novel gifts and special offers. A Flash Five win could land you £££’s worth of bonus vouchers, gift hampers, raffle tickets and MORE…


•    Win exciting prizes

•    Bonus money, gift hampers, raffle tickets, etc.

You’ll Love Flash Five Bingo Game If… 

If you like fast paced action packed games, then you’re going to LOVE Flash Fives Bingo. Not only is it snappy, it’s so straightforward to play too, plus it has handy automatic features that allow you to multi-task in parallel. Speaking of multi-tasking, Flash Fives (aka 52-2 Bingo) is available only on mobile . Get in on the action whilst you are on the go. To top it all up, Flash Fives offers some great rewards. That said, the top prize here is the thrill!