Introduction To Bingo

Our professional online bingo guide has been designed for anyone that wants to learn more about any aspect of the game. From a potential player's perspective, this complete guide to bingo will give you all the information you need to feel comfortable with every feature you're likely to encounter wherever you play the bingo game. This virtual booklet will give you an insight into maximising your enjoyment and how you can improve both your safety and profitability online. From an academic point of view, this online bingo guide will give you all the important historical, social, cultural and statistical information from the industry. Charting the game from its roots in history to comparisons between traditional and modern platforms, this document offers every relevant bingo stat and turning point so that you can see exactly how the industry has evolved into its modern state.

How to Use this Bingo Guide

Unlike other guides, our product does not force you to piece together the information like a lexical puzzle. To ensure every piece of information is as accessible and intuitive as possible, we've formatted this guide into a logical structure. Starting with the history of the game before running through its mechanics, the booklet will take you on a step-by-step journey through the bingo industry. In fact it doesn't matter if you start reading from the beginning, the middle or the end, you'll always find the information you need within this guide.

The History of Bingo

Bingo is now played by more than 100 million people around the world; however, before the online bingo industry became so popular, some of the earliest accounts of the game can be traced back to 16th century Italy. Evolving from a lottery-style game known as "Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia", the game then spread to the United States where its modern name originated, after the mispronunciation of "beano" (a game similar to modern bingo).   

Within this Chapter

We outline how this international journey has resulted in a global industry where countless bingo players compete for millions in prize money, in both land-based and online environments on a daily basis.

Inside this Chapter

  • When bingo was first invented
  • Why it is called bingo
  • How bingo became popular
  • Bingo's growth in the UK and Europe
  • Transatlantic bingo
  • Evolution into the online arena
  • Current bingo stats

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Bingo in Our Society:

Bingo is a huge part of modern society and has been a major influence on different cultures throughout history. From a source of entertainment and social interaction between players, to a motif for TV, radio and film, bingo has impinged on many aspects of society. Bingo has also played a part in war efforts and has even funded numerous public services and charitable efforts.   

Within this Chapter

We outline how you're probably already a bingo fan whether you know it or not. We then highlight how you can use this information to improve your overall bingo experience.

Inside this Chapter

  • Bingo as a social game
  • Is bingo a form of gambling?
  • Bingo as a cultural icon (songs, adverts, innuendo bingo etc)
  • Bingo during the war
  • Bingo used for charity and to fund services
  • Bingo and the holiday camp era
  • Bingo's modern renaissance online

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Bingo in the UK:

It's estimated that land-based bingo is played by more than three million people in the UK and many more online; stats which make the UK one of the leading bingo markets in the world. Since the game crossed over to the UK from parts of Europe and the US, it's become a major part of daily life for many people around the country.   

Within this Chapter

we'll give you a quick history of bingo in the UK and outline why it's now one of the biggest financial draws for gaming operators.

Inside this Chapter

  • The history of bingo in the UK
  • Overview of live bingo hall participation
  • Overview of online bingo participation
  • Projected growth of the UK bingo market

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The Mechanics of Bingo:

Bingo is one of the easiest gambling games you can play thanks, in part, to its simple structure. Traditional casino games require specialist equipment, such as roulette wheels and shuffle machine; a game of bingo can be played with just some scraps of paper and a pen. Naturally, the leading bingo operators have the latest equipment designed to make the game as efficient as possible. Whether you're playing live or online, you can now race through games and win cash in a matter of minutes instead of hours.   

Within this Chapter

We'll show you how you can create your own bingo game as well as the latest innovations that online bingo operators use to make their games as lucrative as possible for players.

Inside this Chapter

  • What things are used to make a game of bingo:

- Cards 
- Balls 
- Daubers 

  • How you can create your own home bingo game
  • Bingo in a virtual setting, what you need:

- Computer or mobile device 
- Account with password 
- Deposit options 

  • The average cost of a bingo game

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Chapter Five:Bingo Variants:

The history of bingo shows a game that has roots in various countries around the world. From Italy and Germany to the US and the UK, bingo is a truly international game and this evolution has resulted in a plethora of bingo variants. Today, you can now enjoy the game in virtually any country you wish and that means you can experience a host of different gaming options.   

Within this Chapter

We break down the basic tenets of live bingo halls and online bingo platforms, as well as each individual variant of the game. Not only that, but we compare the two mediums and show you exactly where you can make the most money possible.

Inside this Chapter

  • Playing in live bingo halls
  • Traditional games in Europe
  • Traditional games in North America
  • Comparing the credentials of European and North American bingo
  • Online bingo basics
  • Comparison between live and online bingo

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Differences between Live Bingo Halls and Online Bingo

Modern bingo for many now means online bingo and if you're not familiar with the basics of the industry and how that compares with traditional options, this chapter explains the differences. Although both genres offer the same game, the way in which they are presented differs and that means you need to adjust your expectations in each if you want to make as much money as possible.   

Within this Chapter

We compare live and online bingo and show you why so many modern players now choose to ante-up via the internet.

Inside this Chapter

  • Setting
  • Variety
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Prizes
  • Social interaction

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Create your First Online Bingo Account

Joining the online bingo arena isn't simply a matter of finding a site and creating an account. To ensure you stay safe and have access to the best games and bonuses, we've created a step-by-step guide on how to create your first online bingo account. Each aspect of the process is as important as the next and that's why we've broken it down into a logical format.   

Within this Chapter

We give you all the information you need to stay secure and make the most of your money when you create your first account.

Inside this Chapter

  • Sign up considerations
  • How to find reputable bingo sites
  • Creating your account
  • Security considerations (password, deposit limits, choosing a deposit option)
  • Choosing an alias
  • Obtaining bonuses (welcome bonuses and VIP rewards)
  • Staying safe online

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Playing Live and Online Bingo

Bingo has always been a social driver and a game that's brought people together. Whether it's through competitive endeavour, social interaction or the pursuit of something good, bingo has always been there. Within the virtual sphere, the best online bingo operators have worked hard to make interaction as much a part of their platform as it is in the live arena. Through a combination of chat boxes, dedicated hosts and forums, bingo has become one of the most social iGaming options in the world and the net result is a game that's as enjoyable as it is lucrative.   

Within this Chapter

We chart the social impact of bingo over the years and outline the ways in which you can connect with fellow players and use their knowledge to enhance your own bingo experience.

Inside this Chapter

  • Bingo as a social driver 
  • Why bingo is a social game 
  • How modern online bingo is social:
  • Chat rooms
  • Forums
  • Social games

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Real Money Bingo vs. Free Bingo Games:

Thanks to advances in the bingo industry, operators around the world have been able to make their products accessible to more people than ever. Real money games are now complemented by a range of free play options. Spread across social network sites such as Facebook, as well as dedicated bingo platforms, these gratis games are as much a sign of the times as a way to introduce new players to the virtues of the game.   

Within this Chapter

We break down the differences between real money and free to play bingo. We explain how you can use the latter option to educate yourself about the game and build up a bankroll without exposing yourself financially.

Inside this Chapter

  • Outline of free bingo games
  • How it is possible to win money without spending
  • Bingo's links with social networks such as Facebook
  • The differences between real money and free play bingo

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The Best Live and Online Bingo Strategy:

Over the years a number of mathematicians, gambling experts and avid gamers have worked hard to devise a winning bingo strategy. Although many outsiders assume that it is impossible to influence the flow of a game, there are many ways in which a player can swing the pendulum of fortune in their favour. From simple money management techniques to advanced mathematical calculations designed to enhance the chances of securing a win, there are dozens of winning bingo tips to take your game to the next level.   

Within this Chapter

We've outlined specific bingo strategies for players, broken down into: beginner strategy, intermediate strategy and advanced strategy.

Inside this Chapter

  • Beginner bingo strategy: bankroll management, game selection, focus and more
  • Intermediate bingo strategy: overcoming the average odds, how to play more per hour
  • Advanced bingo strategy: bingo betting theories, including Granville's strategy
  • Responsible gaming considerations

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Bingo Regulation

To round off our comprehensive review of the global bingo industry, it is important to look at the regulatory implications of anteing up in each territory. Although there is little resistance to bingo in all its forms around the world, there are various protocols you need to follow if you want to join the action. Additionally, because bingo is such as varied industry, there are certain outlets you should avoid and some you should flock to. It is important to find the best games in your area and use them to form your own opinions of the game.   

Within this Chapter

We outline the best places to play near you so that you can ante-up, all whilst remaining confident that your money (and liberty) is safe and that you are getting access to the highest quality games possible.

Inside this Chapter

  • The regulation of live and online bingo in UK, Europe and North America
  • The possible pitfalls in the bingo industry
  • How to find bingo games near you
  • Summary

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Bingo Glossary:

The world of live and online bingo is one that's characterised by a range of sometimes confusing turns of phrases. For those that aren't familiar with the common words and terms used within the world of bingo and slingo is can be tricky to know whether or not you should be marking your card or not. Fortunately, the type of language you need to master is extremely easy once you learn the techniques bingo callers employ and to help you achieve this understanding we've compiled a complete bingo glossary.   

Within this Chapter

We run through the common words and phrases used by bingo callers and players in both live and online.

Inside this Chapter

Common terms used in the bingo industry Popular nicknames used for bingo combinations Other terms a bingo player needs to master 

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