75 Ball Bingo - What’s it All About?

Goodness gracious, great balls of FUN! 75 Ball Bingo is the hugely popular American style version of Bingo. You’ll find 75 Ball Bingo on practically all online bingo sites, plus it is played in bingo halls around the globe. 75 Ball Bingo is punchy and fast paced. No two games are the same. That’s because each game has a unique pattern, which you must cover in order to win. Learn more about how to play and enjoy this great bingo game…

  • US style Bingo Game, loved by players across the globe
  • No two games are the same​

Tickets Please!

At Wink Bingo you’re always spoilt for choice. You can purchase between one and ninety-six 75 Ball tickets per game. A 75 Ball Bingo ticket is easy to spot. It has 25 randomly numbered squares made up of 5 rows and 5 columns. As with most bingo games, you simply need to fill in the squares when your numbers are called out

Selecting Bingo Tickets

The amazing thing is that if you don’t fancy the numbers on a ticket you’ve just purchased, you can hit the ‘Get New Cards’ button and replace the current selection.

You also have the option to manually choose one ticket at a time, or get the program to automatically purchase any given number of tickets in bulk (up to 96 per game).

Purchasing Tickets

Purchasing tickets is easy. Once you’ve topped up your account, you can buy tickets from inside your favourite 75 Ball Bingo room, or you can purchase in advance. 

About your 75 Ball Bingo Tickets:

  • Your 75 Ball Bingo tickets have a 5 x 5 grid
  • Simply fill in the squares when your numbers are called
  • You can purchase up to 95 tickets per game
  • Auto tickets selector takes the hard work out of choosing tickets
  • ‘Get New Cards’ lets you swap current selection
  • You can purchase games in advance

Useful 75 Ball Features

Check out our ‘Options’ button which enables you to customize your 75 Ball game to your heart’s content! There are 6 handy tabs in which you can adjust the sound, chat, game and general settings, daubing configuration, as well as a handy timer setting to remind you when your favourite games begin.

There’s another cool feature that highlights your cards when there are 3 squares ‘to go’ until a win. This option is called 3TG (as in ‘3 to go’). The squares will also light up when you have 2TG and 1TG. In addition, ‘Best Card First’ lets you know which card is closest to winning. You can also use the Price Alert feature to indicate the prices of each card in your bingo room. This helps you keep track of your spending. Speaking of bingo rooms, you’ll also discover a robust bingo chatroom panel, where you can enjoy fun group chats and private chats with fellow players. 

Make the most of our 75 Ball features:

  • Customize your game to fit your needs with the 6 handy ‘Options’ tabs

  • Use the auto-daub option to mark your winning numbers automatically
  • Set the timer so that you don’t miss your favourite games
  • ‘3TG’ lets you know when your squares are almost all covered
  • ‘Best Card First’ lets you know which ticket is doing the best

​What Does It Take to be 75 Ball Bingo Winner?

It’s all in the pattern! In 90 Ball Bingo, you must fill up your whole ticket in order to get a BINGO win. In 75 Ball Bingo, things get even more interesting. Instead of filling in the whole card, you need to complete a pattern that is determined before the game begins. 

The bingo caller will call out numbers between 1-75, and you need to mark them off on your /ticket. The process of marking your numbers is also referred to as daubing. Most online bingo games have an auto-daub feature whereby you can set the game to mark your winning numbers automatically.

The first person(s) to cover the whole pattern gets the BINGO. To help you along, the middle square is often given as a ”FREE” square, which can substitute any number you need to complete a winning pattern.The winning pattern could look like a letter, number, or some fun shape. For added fun and frolics, shapes are sometimes themed to represent a particular prize or occasion. So the pattern might 

look like a plane if the prize is a holiday. Or maybe it’ll look like a Christmas tree during a Christmas Bingo game! . If more than one players wins, the prize is split equally between the winners.

What it takes to win:

  • A Bingo Caller will call out numbers from 1-75
  • If your numbers are called out, mark/daub them on your ticket
  • To win, you need to cover an entire shape or pattern
  • Winning patterns can be numbers, letters or fun shapes

What Can I Win?

For the most part, 75 Ball Bingo prizes are determined by the number of players taking part OR by the cost of your ticket. More expensive tickets usually yield more valuable prizes. 

At Wink Bingo, you can also find fixed prize 75 Ball games where there’s a fixed ‘minimum reward’, no matter how many players partake or how much the tickets cost. So even if there’s only one other player in your game, you would still win that ‘set’ minimum amount. It’s always best to keep an eye on the game schedules to see what prizes are on offer.

What you need to know about 75 Ball prizes:

  • Prize amount is usually determined by cost of ticket or number of participants
  • Lots of players = larger prizes
  • Fixed Prize games offer a set minimum reward
  • You can win a Fixed Prize game, even if there’s only one other player
  • Check the game schedules for prize value


We understand that sometimes internet connections can be lost and that you might get disconnected whilst playing a game. If this happens, the system will continue to autodaub for you and you’ll be awarded any prizes you may have won during your short time away.

You’ll Love This Game If… 

If you like to be kept on your toes, then you’ll LOVE 75 Ball Bingo. The fun coverall patterns mean that no two games are the same. Each game is fantastic and fast, with decent wins for added excitement. On top of that, you get to socialize in the bingo chatrooms, where fun is guaranteed. All this is available on mobile, desktop and other handy devices. What more could you want!