PayPal Bingo

What is PayPal?

PayPal allows you to make payments for any services you choose online by safest and easiest method. If you have an email address, PayPal will allow you to securely send and receive payments online in a cost-effective and hassle free procedure.

Why Use PayPal?

PayPal is a safe, fast and secure way to make all your payments via the internet. It is made sure that your financial details are never shared with third parties or vendors. The hassle of remembering several pin codes and number details is kept at large, as the system offers to store all your vital information in a competent and secured manner. This is the best method to have your bank, credit and debit card details safeguarded. PayPal can indeed be a trustworthy ‘Pal’!

Why Play Online Bingo with PayPal?

PayPal safely saves all your important financial information. Therefore, you do not have to feed these crucial details into any other website from which you intend to procure a service. For example, when you choose to play bingo online and use PayPal to make a deposit; you do not have to give your private financial details to the bingo site. This carefully avoids even the vaguest possibility of an internet fraud, an identity theft or for that matter a cyber crime of any sort. You can be rest assured that you shall never fall victim to any of these online crimes.

How to Deposit with PayPal?

Getting started with using PayPal to play Bingo online is as easy as pie! You follow these few simple steps and you are ready to start playing!
  1. Go to the cashier and click on the PayPal icon.
  2. The deposit page will open. Select the amount you wish to deposit and click on Deposit.
  3. A PayPal login page will open. Enter your email and PayPal password to login to the PayPal site. If you do not have a PayPal account, click on the appropriate link to create one.
  4. PayPal will next ask you to review your payment details. If you do not have sufficient funds, you may select a payment method to fund your account in real time.
  5. After you have confirmed all details, click Pay.
  6. You will be redirected back to the Cashier, where you will be notified of the results of the transaction.
Upon approval of your deposit, the funds will be credited to your account. You are all set to Play Bingo!

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