Bingo Roulette

bingo roulette

You’ll love Bingo Roulette if…

You love the excitement of casino games! As this game gives you a little taste of Vegas, you’ll love watching the wheel spin to see if it brings you a win. Red, Black, odd or even… whatever the ball lands on, you’re bound to have fun!

What’s Bingo Roulette all about?

Wink Bingo is bringing you a brand-new style of bingo game ready to tantalise! Putting a twist on everyone’s fave casino game; Roulette… let us introduce you to Bingo Roulette. You’ll feel like you’re playing in Las Vegas when you enter our newest bingo room; complete with its spinning Roulette wheel.

Just like in classic bingo, up to 96 tickets can be bought for each game and each ticket includes 5 different numbers out of 52 possible numbers that are displayed on our spinning Roulette wheel.

The numbers are called randomly as the wheel spins round. Whatever the arrow at the top of the wheel points to when it stops spinning is the next number you need to be covered. Every called number is covered with a casino chip & the first player to cover all 5 numbers on a ticket wins the game… and the pot!

Like all 52-5 games, Bingo Roulette has only one winning pattern, the Full House, which occurs when all 5 numbers are covered.
On a win – the winner will see their numbers flash on their winning card and then all players will share the thrill with them as a winner’s announcement is displayed at the end of the game. 
Tickets Please!
Buying your Bingo Roulette tickets is super simple. Simply enter the bingo room and select the number of tickets you want to play with – you can max out at 96 tickets!

Fun Features of Bingo Roulette

The main feature of this game the one that makes it stand out from the crowd is the roulette wheel. In order for a number to be chosen the wheel will spin, and the roulette ball will whizz around until it settles in a chosen slot. Once all your numbers have been covered with chips – you’re a winner!
This room also has a chat window, so you can have a natter with others at the Bingo Roulette table – just like you would in a live casino.

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