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New players coming to bingo sites might initially find all the terminology and visual aspects a little confusing. Below we’ve attempted to address some of the questions new bingo or slingo players might have when first coming to a bingo site - in terms of looking at key questions, terms and financial queries.

Real Money Bingo

bingo real moneyWhile you can play online bingo for free, the real thrill of playing comes when there is real money involved. Nothing beats marking off your first line or full house and winning a cash prize.
  1. New players are required to deposit an initial fee to start playing but should look out for introductory offers which often give great deals when they start playing.
  2. Players can get as much as five times their initial stake to play with (deposit £10, play with £50), meaning they can get to grips with the rules, prizes and different games without having to worry about losing their money.
Of course, because it’s real money bingo, players are advised to set a budget and financial strategy before playing, and then stick to this carefully.

Bingo Bonus & Games Bonus

bingo balance bonusMost games will offer some form of bingo bonus, which can usually be accumulated through various promotions. Bonuses can usually be used to purchase tickets for all games, although some sites operate restrictions. But in most cases players can use these free bingo bonuses to win real money cash prizes. Bonus funds can usually be checked in the lobby of the site.

A games bonus is a new feature on bingo sites where players can win bonuses in various game promotions to use on other bingo games, slots, casino games or scratch card games.
  • Deposit Bonuses - Meaning players get more for their money each time they top up their account.

  • Loyalty Bouuses - players get rewarded for being loyal customers or regular play.

  • Games Bonuses - will be added to players’ accounts as Game Bonus funds and can also be checked in the lobby of the site.

Depositing and Withdrawing

bingo depositing and withdrawingOnce players have signed up to a site, it is usually straightforward to make a deposit.
  • Most sites will have a ‘cashier’ or ‘my account’ tab where you can make deposits.
  • Players can get as much as five times their initial stake to play with (deposit £10, play with £50), meaning they can get to grips with the rules, prizes and different games without having to worry about losing their money.
Withdrawing money is similarly easy and clearly marked on most sites, often on the ‘banking’ or cashier page.
  • There may be a minimum withdrawal amount, which can be affected when using a sign-up bonus.
  • It usually takes 48 hours to process a withdrawal request and players should see the money in their account within four to seven working days.
  • If a player has made a withdrawal request, they usually have 48 hours to cancel it.

Loyalty Points and Redeeming Points

bingo redeeming pointsMany bingo sites offer loyalty points to long-term players. These can include:
  • Re-deposit Bonuses

  • Cashback on gameplay for existing players
  • Points for Purchases
These loyalty points translate into credit in players’ online accounts. To redeem them, players need to log in to their online accounts and click the ‘redeem’ or ‘convert points’ button.

Promo Code

It is possible to find promo codes on many bingo and third party sites, which give you access to special offers and promotions. Players can also refer friends to gain access to promo codes.
To redeem the promo code, simply input in the relevant box when making a deposit in the cashier to activate.

Payment Methods

bingo promotionsThere are various flexible payment methods for most bingo sites. These include:
  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Neteller
It is usually possible to have several payment methods linked to each account.

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