Chapter Twelve: Bingo Gloassry

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In this chapter we will cover:
  • Common terms used in the bingo industry
  • Popular nicknames used for bingo combinations
  • Other terms a bingo player needs to master
To conclude this guide to the bingo industry, the final important part of any game is the language which is encountered. It has been acknowledged that entertainment has been one of the main features of the game. From the outset, bingo was designed to be a communal activity that brought members of a community or class together.

A major part of the dynamic that made bingo a social game was the language used by callers and players. To fully engage with the game, it is important to understand the linguistic turns of phrases commonly used.

Common Bingo Terms

bingo terms
The following phrases are commonly used by players, callers and industry members in the land-based and online betting arena.

Eyes Down: This phrase signals the start of a game. Miss this and any player will be quickly left behind the action.

Bingo Board: The area on the screen or inside a bingo hall where the previously called numbers are shown.

Line: A sequence of numbers in a line that needs to be filled in order for a win to be called.

Full House: When all the numbers on a game card are filled.

Chat Room: The place where online bingo players can talk outside of the game.

Chat Box: The place where online bingo players can talk to each other during a game.

Jackpot: The top prize in any bingo game. Jackpots can be fixed guarantees, based on the number of players in the game (plus the buy-in), or progressive jackpots (top prizes that increase over time).

Money Ball: This is a bonus ball which is drawn before a game. If this ball reappears during the game and a player has it on their card, they will win a bonus prize.

Blackout: In some bingo games the player can be required to fill an entire card before calling a winner. These games are known as blackout games.
For the extended list of bingo calls, click here>>

Popular Bingo Nicknames

bingo nicknameVarious numbers have nicknames that not only make them more memorable, but make the game more entertaining. Many of these have been used for more than half a century and the reasons for them may not be obvious for the younger player. The terms used are often referred to as ‘bingo lingo’.

1 = Kelly's Eye
2 = One Little Duck
4 = Knock at the Door
5 = Man Alive
7 = Lucky
9 = Doctor’s Orders
11 = Legs Eleven
12 = One Dozen
13 = Unlucky for Some
16 = Sweet Sixteen
21 = Key of the Door
22 = Two Little Ducks
55 = Snakes Alive
57 = Heinz Beanz
59 = The Brighton Line
66 = Clickety Click
69 – Anyway Up
77 = Sunset Strip
78 = Heaven's Gate
83 = Time for Tea
88 = Two Fat Ladies
90 = Top of the Shop

Online Gambling Terms

online gambling termsBecause bingo is a part of the gambling industry, the following phrases are also used by operators and players inside the community.

Bankroll: This is the amount of money available to gamble with. Players might assume that the contents of their bank account equates to the size of their bankroll but this is not the case. A bankroll is a small portion of a player’s net worth that they are comfortable with risking in games.

Edge: If someone has an advantage in a particular casino game, they are said to have an edge. The casino will often hold an edge over the player but with some strategic planning the informed gambler can reverse this dynamic and make some serious cash at the gaming tables.

Variance: Variance is the technical term for luck and can be both positive and negative. Predicting the movements of variance is virtually impossible, so it is important to always remember that at any time variance can either move for or against the player.

eCOGRA: This acronym is one of the most important in the online casino world and it stands for “e-commerce online gaming regulation and assurance”. this is the protective body that regulates the industry and ensures that an online casino is fair for all. well-respected casinos will be approved by this body and represent a safe place to play.

Comps: Comps are incentives and bonuses used to attract players to a land-based casino. Ranging from free food and drinks to luxury gift items, the level of comps available will depend largely on the amount of money wagered inside the casino. In the online bingo world, comps are known as bonuses and take the form of deposit bonuses, reloaded bonuses and VIP loyalty rewards. These offers are manifested by free bingo games and cash payments.

Expectation: In any gambling situation the result of a player’s actions will always have an immediate and long-term result. Indeed, in all situations a player should be looking to make the move that makes the most money in the long run or, to put it technically, the decision which has the greatest long-term expectation (EV).

We hope the Wink Bingo Guide has given you a complete insight into the industry. From its roots as a lottery variant to a social driver and now an online industry, bingo is a global game that now serves millions of players around the world.

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