5 Christmas Hacks For A Stress-Free Festive Season

Whether you wish it could be Christmas every day, or you’re already counting down the days until you can stuff the tree back up into the loft, the festive season is here and it’s about time we started to prepare. Between all the mince pies and a glass too many of Eggnog, it can be easy to lose the joy of Christmas when the hassle starts to kick in. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can shake off the stress and get on with celebrating the season, with our festive bingo games being one of the best ways! Here, we’ve got five fun hacks to get you started:

1. Christmas Gift Tags

There’s no need to rush to the shops to buy overpriced tags for your gifts this year – make your own! Simply cut out shapes, whether traditionally rectangular or something more out of the ordinary, from old or new Christmas cards. You have true creative control here when it comes to the designs you choose. 
All you have to do once you’ve picked and snipped, is to punch a hole at the top with a hole puncher or use a pen or pencil to push through, and add a ribbon or string for tying. This can also be done with copies of family photographs for an extra unique, personal touch.

2. Need Some Extra Stockings?

Stockings are a pretty cemented part of the Christmas tradition, but with popularity comes price and we can hardly blame you for wanting to avoid the expensive stockings sold in stores. Whether you’ve got a few unexpected additions on Christmas Day or it’s just time for a new stocking, thankfully, you can use what you have laying around the house! 
Oven mitts are perfect for this. All you have to do is tie a red or green bow around it, hang it on the fireplace and there you have it, your very own custom Christmas stocking. 

3. #PositiveVibesOnly

The best thing you can do for you or your family this Christmas is to create your own advent calendar that will have you feeling great all year round. Print out random acts of kindness that you could do, words of affirmation and of course our very own Wink quotes. Put the print outs in envelopes labelled with the day of the week. Then, simply hang it on the wall and be inspired every day.

4. Christmas Tree Struggles

The art of decorating the tree is one that takes a good few years of practice to perfect – or an eager child dedicated to decorating to their heart’s content. Even when the tree is covered in baubles, however, it can be left looking a little lack lustre, missing that all-important wow-factor.
Is your tree falling prey to the struggle this year? Well, add two lines of Christmas lights with varying sizes of bulbs, colours and light patterns and your room will look dazzling in no time. 

5. Jazz Up The Drinks 

Like the Turkey is to Christmas Dinner, drinks are a vital part of the Christmas celebration. Without our favourite tipples, the festive day might feel like your average Sunday with a roast. Escape the mediocrity and make your Christmas meal even more memorable by adding cranberries into your ice cube tray and serving them in drinks. Who knows, it could add to one of your five a day!
Christmas is coming and while the icy air can have us putting off Christmas shopping for another day, there’s plenty you can do right at home to spruce up your celebrations without having to spend a fortune. Whether it’s making your own gift tags or adding a few extra lights to your tree, there’s plenty of hacks you can take full advantage of in the run up to December 25th. 

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