Something to Wink About

At Wink Bingo we turn up the fun by throwing fab prizes into the mix. Our players win wadges of cash in our Jackpot games. You too could win a tenner, or ten thousand. In our Progressive Bingo Jackpots, the sky’s the limit! Guaranteed Jackpots have set prizes that also include physical goodies. How about a new LCD TV or the latest iPad? Too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it. Read these winning stories from Wink Bingo players. Find out what they won and how they went about it.

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Wink Winner:     Keron

What They Won:    SOOTHING SUNDAY won £2000 on , 30 April 2017


What They Said: 

I felt amazing when I found out I won. Had a lovely meal out today to celebrate the win Paid for some large games next week and will be spending the winnings on the fees for our new home we are hoping to purchase.

Wink Winner:     doomoo

What They Won:    SENSATIONAL SATURDAY won £1000, 25 March 2017


What They Said: 

OMG im over the moon i have never won anything like this before!

It will pay for my family holiday in september

Thank you so much, I will be recommending wink bingo to all my friends now!

Wink Winner:     Jebil

What They Won:    SENSATIONAL SATURDAY won £1000, 25 March 2017


What They Said: 

Thank you for a fabulous win the money has come at the right time to get our ageing car through its mot, Thank you again my favourite bingo site wink

Wink Winner:     Poxy     

What They Won:    SENSATIONAL SATURDAY won £1500, 18 March 2017


What They Said: 

"I am very happy and always grateful for my wins 

Keep up the great work. The 888 sites are all awesome x "

Wink Winner:          Bazzerbingo

What They Won:     Win of £500 in the £1k game, on 13th May 2016


What They Said:  


You have now provided me with more 'ammunition" to try and win one your many Progressive Slot Machine Jackpots!! (That would REALLY put the icing on the cake!!)  Thank you once again for my Great Win!!!”

Wink Winner:          Neverwinnowt

What They Won:     Win of £250 in the Naughty £900 Thursday Bliss game, on 26th June 2016


What They Said:  

“It was a lovely surprise when I logged on to my account on Monday and found out I had won £250, My husband and I are going on a short break to Spain in

September, we won't have to skimp now, so I think a few nice meals out will be a treat, and has he doesn't know about my win it will be a nice surprise for him too.  Thank you Wink Bingo X”

Wink Winner:          bossgooser 

What They Won:     £700 real funds, on 31th October 2015 


What They Said:    

“I am very new to winks bingo. My friend who is a regular on the site introduced it to me to it winnings came after my first ever punt on the bingo. I opened up my email to discover that id won. This was at 5 o’clock in the morning before I left for work. I couldn’t believe it I got so excited I woke up my wife.. she wasn’t best pleased as it was so early in the morning. She thought I was joking.

It has come at a great time as Christmas is around the corner unfortunately for me my wife has spent it on a Gucci watch that I had always promised her... so in all its a win win situation. Many thanks to wink bingo for making me a happy bunny x

Wink Winner:           diana1958

What They Won:     Unspecified Amount , on 19h  March 2015

Wink Winner:           juicey16

What They Won:     £300  , On 5th June  2015 

What They Said:  

“There's nothing better than logging in to find £300 in your account buzzing”

Wink Winner:          bingodiva0987

What They Won:     £2,000 Real Funds in the Saturday £5,000 game , on 18th October 


What They Said:    

“Thank you for my WINKASTIC win I am over the moon and look forward to buying my friends and family something special for xmas.”

Wink Winner:          hooks

What They Won:     £250, on June 24 2015

What They Said: 

“I was shocked when I realised I had won £250. Its perfect timing as my fiancée’s birthday is in a few days. Thank you so much wink..”

 You’ve seen the evidence Being a winner doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. There are small and large prizes to be won, every day. No matter who you are or where you are, you can play Wink Bingo games, have a great time and win some great prizes. What more could you ask for!