December 2012

£10,000 in Saturday Millionaire

“Thanks very much for this amazing win I honestly am so pleased have already been celebrating. Thanks for making this Xmas extra fantastic well done Wink!”

£500 on Thursday £500

“I was delighted with my win, such a shock when I logged in on Friday morning as I had forgotten I had even purchased tickets for the game! Thank you Wink Bingo!”

£500 on Risk Free £1k

“I was in the risk free room watching the game, I didn’t get close to the 1 or 2 lines and still needed a few for the full house when the other players were on 3tg…I didn’t think I stood a chance but suddenly my numbers came in one after the other. I got down to 1tg and thought the house was going to go at any time another number came out before mine and I was in total shock. All the other players were really pleased for me and sent lots of congrats. The win will ensure a nice Christmas! Thank you once again Wink! xxx”

£10,000 in Saturday Millionaire

“What a great Christmas me and my family are going to have! Thanks so much Wink!”

£600 in £3k Money Bags

“I was delighted to find I had won £600 on the £3K Money Bags game! Just in time for Christmas. Thanks Wink!”

£500 in Risk Free £1k

“I didn’t even know that I had won until today! I am totally thrilled and delighted as it will come in handy for Christmas. And I will be treating my kids to some extra goodies! Thanks again to Wink, my favorite bingo site!”

£550 in Tuesday £1,000

“It all starts with a dream! Thanks Wink!”

£5,571.94 in Winky Pennies

“Aim for the sky, if you miss you land among the stars! Thanks Wink!”

£10,000 in Saturday Millionaire

“Thank you so much for an amazing win at Christmas! I am over the moon best Xmas present ever!”

£500 in Thursday £500

“Thanks for the fab win of £500 it couldn’t have come at a better time and will be well spent! Happy new year to all at Wink!”

£1000 in Saturday £5000

“Thanks so much for the big win Wink! Now I can finsh off my kitchen!”

£1000 in Saturday £5000

“What a great win just before the new year! Thanks Wink!”