Wink Bingo loves Eurovision!

It’s that time of year again, and here at Wink Bingo we simply can’t contain our excitement. That’s right, Eurovision is here, and I for one won’t be going anywhere this Saturday night.

Instead, I’ll be putting on my PJs, cracking open a bottle of wine and surrounding myself with nibbles as I settle myself down for an evening in front of the box.

Terry Wogan may have been replaced by Graham Norton as telly host, there may be ongoing controversy over political voting and the United Kingdom might never stand a chance of winning the thing, but let’s face it, it’s still damn fine TV entertainment. We just love the cheese!

Plus, there’s always something that gets us talking, whether it’s Scandinavian heavy metal, Israeli transsexuals or hyperactive Irish twins. Then there are the UK entries. I’m never quite sure whether to be proud of our eccentricity or to hang my head in shame at our apparent uselessness.

Anyone remember Scooch in 2007? This super camp entry left the UK in second to last place, which is hardly surprising since none of them could actually sing. In fact the singing was so bad it was embarrassing. Then there was Liverpudlian duo Jemini, who failed to score a single point in 2003.

Hopefully our 2014 entry will do a little better. Molly Smitten-Downes will be singing Children of the Universe and hoping to steal just a tinsy bit of the limelight from Austria’s bearded lady. We’ll be rooting for her, anyway.

And we’ll be rooting for you this weekend too! To celebrate this year’s Eurovision Song Contest we’ve got some amazing bingo offers that we hope will help you win big, even if the UK doesn’t.

If you put £10 in your bingo account on Friday May 9th we’ll reward you with a generous 75% bonus, and if you put in between £20 and £100 we’ll up it to 85%. Just enter the code EURO into the cashier when you make your deposit.

We’re also offering 65% and 75% bonuses on deposits of £10 and £20 to £100 respectively on Saturday May 10th when you use the code VISION, and 60% and 70% bonuses on Sunday May 11th when you enter the code FUN.

If that doesn’t provide you with a big enough boost your bingo account, you can win an extra bonus by playing Winky Numbers.  Simply ask your host what this week’s Winky Number is, and if you bingo the most on this number you’ll receive £30 bingo funds. We’d definitely award that offer douze points!