Will Friday 13th be your lucky day?

Are you superstitious at all?

Do you panic when you have no choice but to walk over three paving grids in a row? Maybe you refuse to walk under ladders, or perhaps you are scared about putting a pair of new shoes on the table.

There are lots of old wives’ tales that have somehow manifested into superstitions – some of which are crazy. For example, plenty of people do everything in their power to stay in the house on Friday 13th for fear that something bad will happen to them.

While most see this date as being extremely unlucky, we at Wink Bingo believe this is definitely not the case. To show all you lovely Winkers that you have nothing to be scared of, we’re launching a special promotion on Friday 13th December.

You can head to our Chat ‘Em Up room between 1pm and 10pm to take part in the Friday £13 game.

Jackpots of £13 will be available every 13 minutes (there’s a theme developing here!) and cards cost just 3p. What started out as one of the unluckiest days of the year could easily become the luckiest for some of you! With Christmas fast approaching, a few cheeky online bingo windfalls could be very handy indeed.

Maybe you could use the cash to finish off (or start) your Christmas shopping, or perhaps you might treat yourself and your friends to a few extra glasses of wine on your festive night out.

We have got plenty of promotions lined up in the coming weeks – such as the £15,000 Christmas Count-up – with some stunning jackpots on offer. Best of all, our games are available on PCs, tablets or smartphones, so you can play whenever you like and wherever you are.

If you are out and about on Friday 13th, just make sure you look out for magpies and black cats and don’t put your umbrella up indoors. Better safe than sorry!