What’s next in our mystery box?

We told you last week that August was going to be full of big surprises here at Wink Bingo, and that we were kicking things off with a triple jackpot in our Thursday £500 game on August 7th.

Well, we can now unveil the next surprise in our mystery box. Are you ready Winkers?

This Sunday August 10th, there will be not one, but three winners in our Sunday’s Hidden Treasures game, which will be starting at 9.30pm.

That’s right, there will be three fantastic prizes available, with the additional two being offered in a raffle among all the players who purchased tickets but did not win.

So if you don’t come out victorious the first time, you’ll have a further two chances to celebrate.

Prizes in our Sunday’s Hidden Treasures game changes weekly and include a PS3 games console, an iPad tablet, an LCD TV, a laptop, £300 entertainment vouchers and much, much more.

There will be plenty more surprises to come, so make sure you check back regularly to see what we unwrap next.

We’ll be adding a mystery twist to a variety of games in the big jackpot rooms, and they will all be available on our app, so if you’re playing on a mobile or tablet you needn’t miss out.

And, of course, we’ll still be offering you our usual weekend bonus deals to help boost your bingo funds.

This Friday August 8th, deposit £10 and we’ll increase it by 80%, giving you £18 to play with. Make a bigger deposit of £20 to £100 and we’ll increase the bonus to 90%. Just use the code GASP.

If you’re playing on Saturday August 9th you can enjoy a 70% boost on a £10 deposit and an 80% boost on a deposit of between £20 and £100 using the code SHOCK.

Then on Sunday August 10th, use the code WOW and you’ll see your £10 deposit increased by 65% and your £20 to £100 deposit boosted by 75%.