Is there more to winning than chance?

lucky charms

One extremely popular method of getting Lady Luck to come sit in your corner during a game of bingo is to gather up

some lucky charms and keep them on display alongside you every single time you play. Some players are understandably sceptical about the power of lucky charms, butanything that makes playing more fun and does not compromise/interfere with the terms and conditions laid out from the offset is doing nobody any harm at all!

The concept of lucky charms in bingo is actually rather fascinating. For as long as the game of bingo has been around, so have lucky charms – which means that these items of good fortune have a rich and intriguing history.

Discussed below are some of the many lucky charms used by people all over the world when playing bingo. Take a long hard look at these items, and consider adopting a few of them yourself. You may not be the most superstitious person in the worldbut some of the biggest bingo high rollers have had their lucky charms lying alongside them when the jackpots rolled in. Maybe it’s time that you took a look at a few ways to increase your luck?

Here are some of the most popular, surreal, and fascinating lucky charms used by players in the history of bingo all across the world.

A Lucky Seat

If you’re visiting a bingo hall for the first time, you may want to hang back until the final few minutes before taking your seat. Chances are that someone might have been sitting in a particular place for decades and may not look upon you kindly if you’ve snatched their seat away from them. Many bingo players believe that the chair they sit in plays a significant role in how lucky they will be on any given day. Some players even sit in a particular seat one week, and a different one the next, before returning to their original seat the week after. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Many players like to “feel out” the room before taking a seat, believing they can sense the areas that have lots of positive energy flowing through them. The same can be done when you’re playing at bingo at home too. Rearranging your furniture ever so slightly, or transporting your laptop into a different room, may give you a little more luck by the time you begin to play. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not starting until you are 100% comfortable.It may take a little time, but it’ll be worth it if the jackpot comes your way.
lucky chair

The Number Seven

The number seven is a numerical value that’s associated with prosperity and good fortune in a wide variety of locations across the world.Many people believe that turning to this number is a great way to keep Lady Luck in their corner while they gamble in bingo halls or online. Getting a bingo card with the number seven on it is often seen as the preferable way to utilise the lucky nature of this particular numerical value, although there are other ways to do so. Some players simply write the number seven on a piece of paper, fold it up and stuff it away in their pocket, whereas others will invest in keychains, magnets, pens and accessories all containing the number seven in some way, shape or form.
number seven

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a memorable and popular good fortune figure. Many people use it across the world in an attempt to bring themselves luck in love and life in general. Although the Laughing Buddha can adopt various shapes and forms, the most effective size for good fortune is thought to be around 30 inches high. Aside from behaving like an attractive, feel-good mantelpiece figure, the Laughing Buddha may be worth getting your hands on, given its supposed capability to offer you the kind of luck you’ll need whenever you play bingo online.

laughing buddha

The Golden Fortune Cat

Like the Laughing Buddha, the Golden Fortune Cat is a hugely popular and highly recognisable good luck charm across the world – often sitting and smiling on desks, in storefronts and the windows of homes.The most popular form of Golden Fortune Cat is a model that remains stationary apart from a single limb – an arm that repeatedly rocks back and forth in a sort of “knocking” action. The Golden Fortune Cat comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours – but having one on your table when you play bingo may prove to be a huge help when it comes to landing that fabulous jackpot on offer.
golden fortune cat

Cinnamon Sticks

That’s right – they’re not just for a little bit of added flavour for cooking. Cinnamon sticks are actually good luck charms used all over the world. Simply pop a few of these sticks in your pocket when you log onto online bingo and you might see your luck change for the better. Without doubt, the most delicious smelling good luck charm that money can buy.
cinnamon sticks

The Four-Leaf Clover

A four-leaf clover is a rarer version of the normal three-leaf clover and having one with you at all times is widely considered a way to improve your overall luck in life. Each respective leaf on a clover is thought to represent something different – with the first leaf representing faith, the second hope, the third love, and the uncommon fourth leaf representing fortune. The lucky nature of four-leaf clovers can be traced way back to the early days of Ireland, when the Druids themselves carried these plants in the belief they provided a sense of magical protection from enemies, disease and vicious animals. Four-leaf clovers remain one of the most commonly used lucky charms among experienced online gamblers to this day. They are carried by thousands of people playing in bingo halls, people playing at home, and those using their laptops and mobile phones to play bingo on the go.
four-leaf clover

The Box of Crickets

One of the more unusual lucky charms used in the modern day but still popular in many places – particularly South America -sees someindividuals enjoying the company of a box containing live crickets while partaking in a typical game of bingo. They may not exactly be the most cuddly or cute good fortune pets to have alongside you when you’re marking off your numbers but crickets are considered extremely lucky when it comes to gambling – especially in Brazil. It may seem somewhat surreal to keep a box of crickets next to your laptop but if it brings you good fortune then it will definitely be worth it in the end. Who knows, you may even grow to love the little guys!
box of crickets

Lucky Hand Wash

Sometimes when you’re playing bingo, it can feel as though your own hands are a curse, with everything they touch leading to a streak of horrid bad luck. This is why many experienced gamblers use lucky handwash. This cleanser rids the hands of any bad luck that may be lingering on the fingertips and places players in a better position to start another game. Available at a wide variety of internet marketplaces, lucky hand wash might just be what you’ve been looking for asan ideal good luck charm.
lucky hand wash

The Gambler’s Amulet

A Gambler’s Amulet is an object that sports a prestigious, almost hypnotic appearance. Gold plated, double sided and easy to cradle in the palm of your hand or hang around your neck, this particular good fortune item resembles something that looks as though it could be worth hundreds of pounds – and indeed it might be in the long run! Mysterious and dazzling, a Gambler’s Amulet is something worth getting your hands on if you’re looking for an item that will act as an effective lucky charm while you’re playing bingo. Widely available across the internet, investing in one of these good fortune gold pieces might well change your luck for the better for the rest of your life.
gambler’s amulet

The Horseshoe Hanger

Hanging a horseshoe over the entrance door is supposed to bring good luck to a home.This is why that particular lucky charm is so useful for players playing online bingo at home. Hanging a horseshoe above the door at a bingo hall is a little trickier and may defeat the purpose, as it should bring luck to absolutely everyone within the room – not just the person who hung it up in the first place. This particular lucky charm is a practical and popular way to boost your chances when playing bingo online – offering support and good fortune to maximise your chances of banking a big win.
horseshoe hanger


A simple lucky charm that’s far more practical for people playing online bingo from home is lighting a candle. This is widely considered to promote good fortune. Some people believe that certain candles are luckier than others but this is disputed depending on whom you talk to. If you decide to use a candle as a good luck charm, don’t be afraid to mix and match varieties until you find the combination/scent/size of candle(s) that appear to work for you.

The Badger Tooth

Another animal-related good luck charm is the tooth of a badger – which many gamblers believe brings them good luck from the moment they start playing. Legend dictates that for this charm to work effectively, a player must wear a single badger tooth on a necklace on the left side of their body – preferably close to the heart. If you’ve got a shirt with chest pockets attached, wrap a badger tooth necklace around your neck and pop the tooth itself into the pocket closest to your ticker. You might just find that your luck is about to change for the better.
badger tooth

The Rabbit Foot

Another curious and strange lucky charm connected to the animal kingdom is a rabbit’s foot – which is actually surprisingly popular and supposedly very effective, especially in the Western world. There are several places online where you can purchase these peculiar lucky charms but you’ll need to make sure that they were obtained in the right way for them to work correctly. Players who swear by a rabbit’s foot as an effective lucky charm state that the animal must be caught in a cemetery and the only foot that will bring good fortune is the left hind. Any other limb will not invite fortuitousness. A rabbit’s foot is a common good luck charm that’s available from a wide variety of sources, but obtaining one is not really the pressing issue. What it ultimately boils down to is whether you’re willing to actually have a rabbit’s foot between you and your computer screen. It’s certainly not a good luck charm for the squeamish, animal lovers, or bunny enthusiasts, but if you don’t fall into any of these categories, it may be worth a try.
rabbit foot

The Lucky Leprechaun

Ever hear people talk about “the luck of the Irish”? Well you can get in on this luck by getting your hands on your very own little leprechaun figure – which you can take with you everywhere you go. These lucky figures come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s up to you whether you want a bigger Irishman to stand aloft over the top of your computer screen, or a tiny little leprechaun that you can squeeze into your shirt pocket.

So there you have it – a huge variety of ways in which you can attempt to boost your chances of picking up a big win online. Whether you believe in lucky charms or not, picking yourself a lucky charm to have alongside you is good fun nonetheless. What do you have to lose?

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