Wink’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 - Get Organized

Bingo or Bust?

Wink’s Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 (and how to achieve them)

The New Year is here and with the arrival of 2017 comes the chance to reevaluate your goals, prioritize your time and make some resolutions (yet again)!

Unfortunately, as we all know from experience, the making of the resolution and the achieving of it are two completely different things; “I’ll start next week, when I have some spare time, when the moon turns pink, when I wake up next to David Beckham”. 

We have compiled a list of Wink’s top five resolutions for 2017 and included the pitfalls to avoid and some tips to help ensure your success.

1. Get in Shape
2. Eat Healthier
3. Reduce Stress
4. Get Organized
5. Get Happy

4. Get Organized

It doesn’t matter how much time you have on your hands, if you can’t manage it properly, time literally runs away with you. When you get organized you find there is suddenly more time to spare and things start to fall into place.  Organized people are not born organized. They invent and implement useful methods which help them get and stay organized. Make the time to get organized and soon you will be enjoying your newly found leisure-time.

Make Deadlines

Organized people don’t waste time. They recognize that keeping things organized goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. They make and keep schedules, set deadlines and goals and most importantly they stick to them! By living a chaotic lifestyle you will not have the time or space to make your deadlines or achieve your goals.

Don’t Procrastinate

The longer you put off doing something the harder it becomes. If you want your life to be less hectic then you need to start getting organized today. Putting in the effort to get things done not only get the things done but it frees up your mind. One useful tip is give yourself time limits and break things down into smaller projects. For example, give yourself an hour to organize your wardrobe. If you need an additional incentive try rewarding yourself after every task accomplished. Once you have finished organizing the wardrobe, sit down with a glass of wine, you have earned it!

Write Things Down

We all know someone that remembers every birthday and sends cards for every holiday. It’s not magic and it’s not about improving your memory. Trying to remember things will not help you to stay organized (but it will add to your stress). Try writing things down. A list is a great way of remembering things. It doesn’t have to be pen and paper, you can use your computer or smart phone. Write down everything: shopping lists, holiday gifts, household chores and important dates, meetings and birthdays.

Everything in its Proper Place

Keeping your life organized means keeping things in their proper place. Make easy-to-access storage spaces for things you use all the time and don’t let your storage spaces get cluttered. Never put something in a temporary place. If you have something in your hand and don’t know where it should go take a moment to find the best place for it. Those items that have no home and are “just put there for the time being” have a bad habit of piling up. Very organized people make sure they find time every week to organize. Stuff does not stay organized on its own (especially with messy family members adding to the piles). Organize continuously and consistently and it will become second nature.

Delegate Responsibilities

A really organized life is not overflowing with responsibilities, meetings and deadlines. In fact, it is more serene as over the course of getting organized you will have eliminated some of the things that create tension or stress. Take one job that you especially hate doing and delegate it. The very fact that you have taken it off your list and given it to someone else is a huge stress release (the stress caused by getting them to actually do it is another matter). 


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