Power Penny


Win Super Prizes for Penny Prices in our HUGE Power Penny promotion!
There’’s loads of CASH jackpots up for grabs every day worth £20, £50 & £500!
PLUS, take a chance in our Lucky Dip – your penny could turn into an iPad, a Kindle,
Highstreet vouchers & more!
And remember… ALL cards in the Power Penny tab are JUST 1p!

£20, £50 or
£500 cash
Win iPads,
& more
every day!
Time £20 £50 £500


Date Prize
  FH 2 line 1 line
Thursday 8th August £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Friday 9th August iPad £10 £5
Saturday 10th August Kindle Fire £10 £5
Sunday 11th August Google Nexus £10 £5
Monday 12th August Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Tuesday 13th August £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Wednesday 14th August iPad £10 £5
Thursday 15th August Kindle Fire £10 £5
Friday 16th August Google Nexus £10 £5
Saturday 17th August Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Sunday 18th August £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Monday 19th August iPad £10 £5
Tuesday 20th August Kindle Fire £10 £5
Wednesday 21st August Google Nexus £10 £5
Thursday 22nd August Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Friday 23rd August £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Saturday 24th August iPad £10 £5
Sunday 25th August Kindle Fire £10 £5
Monday 26th August Google Nexus £10 £5
Tuesday 27th August Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Wednesday 28th August £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Thursday 29th August iPad £10 £5
Friday 30th August Kindle Fire £10 £5
Saturday 31st August Google Nexus £10 £5
Sunday 1st September Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Monday 2nd September £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Tuesday 3rd September iPad £10 £5
Wednesday 4th September Kindle Fire £10 £5
Thursday 5th September Google Nexus £10 £5
Friday 6th September Panasonic Lumix Camera £10 £5
Saturday 7th September £200 High St vouchers £10 £5
Sunday 8th September iPad £10 £5


Terms & Conditions
  • Min 1 – max 96 cards for all games.
  • Cards for all games are 1p
  • Both the Lucky Dip & Pennies to Pounds rooms are 90 ball games.
  • If there is more than one winner per line in the Pennies to Pounds room the cash value of the jackpot will be split.
  • Pennies to Pounds jackpot breakdown is as follows: £500 jackpot (Fullhouse £250 / 2 lines £150 / 1 line £100), £50 jackpot (Fullhouse £25 / 2 lines £15 / 1 line £10), £20 jackpot (Fullhouse £10 / 2 lines £6 / 1 line £4)
  • If there is more than one Lucky Dip winner on the fullhouse, winners will receive a cash split equivalent to the value of the prize.
  • Lucky Dip room: 1 line: £5, 2 lines: £10, Fullhouse: Prize (these play on rotation as per timetable above. 1 Prize per game. The prize won cannot be chosen by the winner and is predetermined by the schedule).
  • Any winner of a tangible prize on the Lucky Dip game that is based outside of the UK will only be eligible to receive bonus funds or an Amazon voucher equivalent of the prize value.
  • Please note, the make & model of tangible prizes in the Lucky Dip game may be subject to change. An alternative prize of the same value & type will be provided in the event that the stated prize is not in stock.
  • Lucky Dip prizes will be dispatched to the winner once their postal address has been confirmed. Winners will be contacted via phone &/or email. Please allow up to 60 days for receipt of prize.
  • Cash prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • The winner’s names may be disclosed by the Promoter at its sole discretion to any third party.
  • By participating in the Promotion you agree to release, discharge and hold harmless the Promoter, its legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from any damages whatsoever arising out of the Promotion.
  • Participation in the Promotion is available only to persons who are over the age of 18 at the commencement of the Promotion Period. You may be asked at any stage to provide the Promoter or a third party with satisfactory proof of age and/or identity. Failure to provide satisfactory proof of age and/or identity shall disqualify you from participation in the Promotion and/or winning the Final Jackpot Prize.
  • Employees and relatives of employees of the Promoter, as well as any individuals or entities affiliated or related to the Promoter or in any way directly or indirectly connected with the management of (i) the Final Jackpot Game (as defined below), (ii) its computer systems or (iii) the security systems employed therein, are not eligible to participate in the Promotion. For these purposes, the term “relative” shall mean spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling. The Promoter will not in any event pay such a person the Final Jackpot Prize, even if he or she enters the Promotion in spite of this provision.
  • In the event that the Promoter deems that a participant has executed any act in bad faith in relation to the Promotion, such participant shall be excluded from the Promotion and therefore become ineligible to win Jackpot Prizes.
  • In order to participate in the Promotion you must have a valid user account with the Promoter at the Site. If, during the Promotion Period, or a winner receives a Jackpot prize, such participant’s or winner’s account with the Promoter at the Site is closed, blocked, or self-excluded from promotional offers, the participant or winner will not be eligible for the jackpot prize.
  • Players must purchase a card into the participating games to be eligible for the jackpot.
  • The Promoter reserves the right (at any time) to amend, modify, remove and update the promotion or any game schedules, at its sole discretion.
  • By accepting any Prize and/or winnings from the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their personal details, including but not limited to, full name, the city in which they live, photographs of them and to also provide commentary about winning the Prize/tournament for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.
  • Your participation in the Promotion will be deemed to be your agreement for the Promoter to use your name, details, likeness, image or any other information for marketing and promotional purposes without the requirement for any payment and you hereby grant the Promoter with the right to do so.
  • Any winnings accrued by never funded players in POWER PENNY rooms are subject to the standard withdrawal requirements. Please see full details HERE