Friday £13 in Chat em Up!

£13 jackpots for 3p EVERY 13 minutes! Friday 13th is lucky for some!

On FRIDAY 13TH ONLY win a guaranteed £13 jackpot, EVERY 13 minutes in the Chat ‘Em Up room!

Cards are only 3p, and these special games play from 1pm ‘till 10pm!

That’s not all… you can also enjoy…


  • Double Your Deposit!
    Deposit using the weekend bonus code LUCKY on Friday 13tth. You’ll get 73% extra to play with, PLUS, you’ll get entered into a raffle in which 13 players will have their deposit money doubled.


  • Double Trouble!
    Win double LPS in the special chat games listed below on Friday 13th during selected hours: 1pm – 2pm / 5pm – 6pm / 8pm – 9pm / 11pm – midnight


  • Get Lucky In Our Chat Rooms!
    Take part in our special Friday 13th chat games in all of our open hosted rooms during the same hours as listed above.
    - Lucky 13
    - 13 Out
    - Rub my Rabbit’s Foot
    - Friday 13th


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Terms & Conditions

  • First player to bingo on the 13 pattern wins £13 fullhouse.
  • Jackpot credited in real funds
  • Funded players only
  • Min 1 – max 96 cards.
  • Cards are 3p
  • £13 jackpots play every 13 minutes with a 5 minute buy time from 1pm – 110pm, 13/09/13 only.
  • If there is more than one winner per line, jackpot value will be split.
  • Jackpot prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • Chat games subject to usual terms. Chat Host decision is final. Players must have a minimum of 1 card into the game & be funded to be eligible to win.
  • Double Deposit winners will have their prize credited in real funds on Monday 15th September.