£500 Let’s Get Trolleyed

Steer your trolley towards the top ten & you’ll bag one of ten supermarket vouchers!

Play our £500 Let’s Get Trolleyed tourney from the 10th – 20th May by simply playing your favourite bingo & instant games!

Each time you carry out one of the actions below you’ll automatically collect more trolley points!

Action Trolley Points
£5 wager on ANY instant game 1
Bingo on the Park Bench or Shopping Cart patterns 10
Bingo on the number #36 10
Wager 50p on any 75 ball game 10
Wager 50p on any 90 ball game 10
Terms & Conditions
  • Vouchers will be awarded to players in 1st to 10th place on the leaderboard.
  • Players in joint position will split the cash equivalent equally between them.
  • Tournament runs from 00:01 10th – 20th May 23:59 2012.
  • Funded players only are eligible.
  • 1 prize per alias.
  • All Instant Win Games are included in this promotion.
  • The leaderboard will be updated daily (1am GMT) listing the top 15 at the end of the previous day
  • £5 wagered on instant games (accumulative not on one single spin) = 1 trolley point
  • 50p wagered on any 75 or 90 ball game (accumulative) = 10 trolley points
  • Cash Equivalent available upon request.