£20K Jubilee Joy Pot

We’re giving you the chance to feel like royalty with our £20,000 Jubilee Joy Pot! The best part is that you can earn FREE cards into the game just by playing bingo and instant games. Play for a share of this cash jackpot on 1st June @ 10pm on 888ladies

There are 3 lines with a BIG cash stash to be won absolutely FREE!

10,000 5,000 3,000
Fullhouse 2 lines 1 line

To earn FREE cards into the game simply carry out various actions across our SIX Joy sites (Wink, Posh, Tasty, RedBus, BingoStreet and 888ladies)! Read all the details below:

This is how it works:

  • The Joy Pot is filled with £100,000. Every few months we’ll be dipping into the pot spreading free money across our Joy sites.
  • Every time you play on Wink Bingo, Posh, Tasty, BingoStreet, RedBus and 888ladies you’ll be earning FREE Pot Credits into the game.
  • Before the game plays, all the Pot Credits you have accumulated across each site will be merged and the total balance will be automatically converted into FREE cards.
  • You can earn free cards into the game until 23:59 on Sunday 27th May.
  • Your credits can only be merged if you use the same email address for all your accounts on  Wink Bingo, Posh, Tasty, BingoStreet, RedBus and 888ladies You can go to My Details on the Member’s page of each site to edit your info.
  • If you do not change your email addresses so that they are the same across all your accounts by 23:59 on Sunday 27th May, we will be unable to merge your credits.
  • Also, you MUST have an account on 888ladies before 23:59 on Sunday 27th May to play the game, but you do not have to fund your account.
  • You can increase your chances of winning by purchasing £2 cards into the game but you can ONLY buy cards on the host site, which this time will be 888ladies.
  • Every time you sign into your accounts, your Pot Credits balance on your Member’s page will be updated.
  • The next game plays on 888ladies on Friday 1st June 2012 @ 10pm!
  • Click here to sign up to 888ladies now!

How to earn FREE cards into the £20k Jubilee Joy Pot:

Earn free cards by carrying out some of the actions below (500 Pot Credits = 1 FREE card):

Action Pot credits earned
Bingo on the pot of gold pattern 5
Wager £10 on bingo games 2
Wager £50 on instant games 1
Bingo on the number 88 1
Email ilove@joyofbingo.com
and tell us what you’ll be doing for the Queen’s Jubilee

The Jubilee Joy Pot will be playing at:

888ladies.com @ 10pm, Friday 1st June 2012

Click here to view Previous Winners

Game Alias Prizes
14th Feb 2012 wellie07
share £2,000
30 Oct 2011 (Wink Bingo) Brutus123 £12,500
maddymax £7,500
Vixter1945 £5,000
29 July 2011 (RedBus Bingo) jaytwo £15,000
dannietaxi £7,000
veramack £1,500
wishwash £1,500
29 Apr 2011 (Wink Bingo) polgara52 £50,000
01 Jan 2011 (Posh Bingo) janinelovestopl £25,000
pompeykimi £3,000
wksharksie £2,000
24 Sept 2010 (Wink Bingo) karaokesue £25,000
25 June 2010 (Tasty Bingo) 49 winners Shared £24,000
Spider8 £1,000

Terms & Conditions

  • Credits can be earned across Wink, Posh, Tasty, RedBus, BingoStreet and 888ladies until 23:59 on Sunday 27th May.
  • Players must be registered on 888ladies.com by 23:59 on Sunday 27th May to be eligible to play and win the Jubilee Joy Pot.
  • Players can also buy £2 cards into the game from 888ladies.com.
  • The game is a 90 Ball Bingo game and the jackpot total is £20,000 cash.
  • If there is more than one winner, prize value will be split.
  • Minimum ticket purchase is 1, maximum is 48.
  • Pot Credit balance will be zeroed after each game. Credits cannot be carried over to the next game.
  • 500 Pot Credits equal 1 card and players can perform extra actions to earn free cards into the game.
  • Pot Credits will be automatically merged across each site and converted into cards the day before the game plays.
  • Players must use the same email address for their accounts on Wink, Posh, Tasty, RedBus, BingoStreet and 888ladies in order for their credits to be merged. This must be done by 23:59 on Sunday 27th May.
  • Points earned on unmerged accounts will be null and void.
  • If players max out when purchasing cards, or earn more cards than the maximum available for the game, the extra free cards earned cannot be credited.
  • Winners have 30 days to claim their prize otherwise the winning amount will roll over to the next game.
  • By accepting any prize and/or winnings from the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their full name, the city in which they live, photographs and filming of them and will also provide commentary about winning the prize for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.