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They say there’s no gain without pain. We beg to differ. When it comes to Free Online Bingo you’ve got nothing to lose. Enjoy one of the most vibrant games on the net, with zero risk or deposit requirement. The crazy thing is, you can even win prizes. That’s right, we’re giving it away, no strings attached. Keep reading to explore our in-depth guide to Free Bingo. We’ll tell you all you need to know, including why you should play (beyond the obvious), plus we’ll show you where to find expert advice and tips to help you win.

How did it all Start?

Early versions of Bingo were spotted way back in the 1500s. Italian carnival barkers rattled off numbers and players placed disks on cards to track their progress. The game spread through Europe, and eventually made its way to America, where "Beano"(named after the beans placed on the card) became one of the top games at county fairs across the nation.
By the 1930s, Bingo as we know it was played in churches & fundraisers.

Throughout the 70s, the game continued to grow in popularity, especially in the UK, where it brought communities together. Today, technology is bringing Bingo back, on a huge scale! Apps and websites make Bingo more accessible to the masses. Many offer Free Bingo, which gives players a chance to work on their skills before paying for a game. 
Try before you buy:
  • Bingo goes back to the 1500s
  • Nowadays Bingo is all over the internet
  • Try the game out, Play Free Bingo! 

Bridging the Generation Gap

There are two main reasons for Bingo's rise in popularity: the opportunity to build camaraderie and the ability to gamble without much skill. Bingo doesn't require the intensity or know-how of games like poker, and friends can play together over a few pints while catching up on the latest gossip.
Our parents and grandparents have known about the wonders of Bingo for a long time. But now Millennials are getting in on the action too. You’ll find live Bingo games in pubs and coffee shops around Britain, where folks of all ages join together for some number calling fun.
The Underground Rebel Bingo Club has taken Bingo to a whole other level. The London based franchise, creates Bingo-theme nights and events. Winners face off against each other for prizes, and there's a DJ, drinks, plus other high energy activities.

The biggest influence in Bingo’s comeback has got to be Online Bingo. With incredible sites like Wink Bingo, we can play a round or two on our smartphones while riding the tube, or enjoy a few matches in the evenings after work. Online Bingo has become a top hobby for people looking to make connections and have fun, without the fuss of a night on the town. You can enjoy free games and paid games, regardless of age or background. 
Bingo builds bridges:
  • Bingo is easy and fun
  • Bingo brings people of all skills & ages together
  • Free Bingo is accessible to the masses

You Don’t Have to Pay to Play

Up until a few years ago, Bingo fans had to leave their homes to play the beloved game. In 2013, there were over 400 bingo halls around the U.K. — an impressive number, yet half of what it was at its peak. But dwindling halls don't mean Bingo is decreasing in popularity. In fact, 85 per cent of Bingo players prefer to play online. Bingo players aren't leaving; they're just entering  a new world.
Online bingo is so much easier than travelling to a bingo hall. Home-bound players can still enjoy a good game, and busy people can play whenever they want. Furthermore, there are different buy-in types that attract players of all levels of risk.
There are two types of online Bingo to try, depending on your experience level. The first is traditional bingo, which might have a £5–20 buy-in depending on the site. This works like any Bingo hall. You buy cards and play with a group of people until someone wins.

Then there’s Free Bingo (or 1p bingo), which is great for beginners who aren't sure yet about spending money online. Free bingo doesn't require a deposit and it teaches players the ropes in a low-risk environment. The only drawback of Free Bingo is that the payouts aren't as high as a paying game, and some sites only offer credits as prizes, which must be spent on other paying games. Despite this, it's possible to take home a little extra cash if you play your Free Bingo cards right.
Play your cards right:
  • Traditional bingo for £5–20 per game
  • Free Bingo with smaller payouts
  • Free Bingo often hands out site credits as prizes

Free Bingo. What’s in it for Me?

Free bingo is perfect for players looking to gain a better understanding of the game without the risk. In Free Bingo, mistakes deal less of a blow and you get to test your boundaries before entering the paid Bingo rooms. Even some seasoned bingo players enter the free areas to test a new card level or stamping plan to make sure it works before returning to the main games.
Free bingo also lets you test-drive different apps and websites. Every online Bingo site has different levels of usability, and you might find you enjoy the layout of one over another. Remember, Bingo is also about building a community, and you might want to play Bingo for free on several different apps before you find a group of people you enjoy chatting with more than others.

Another reason for dabbling in free Bingo is to get used to the pace. Bingo tends to be a fast-paced game, and if you're not paying attention, you can fall behind or lose. Many Bingo pros will recommend the free areas as a starting point to get used to the speed so that newbies are ready once they reach the paid games.
Free Bingo benefits:
  • Building up your expertise
  • Getting used to the pace
  • Trying new games and strategies beforehand

Where do I start?

Playing Free Bingo is easier than you think. There are hundreds of free Bingo games to be found around the net. But why go to all the strain of searching when there’s so much to be found, right here! At Wink Bingo, you’ll find Free Bingo in the Bingo Games section or in our Newbies Tab. Simply login (or create an account if you don’t have one yet) and then pick from our fun selection of free games. Our free Bingo games can be accessed via your PC, mobile phone or tablet, so you can enjoy some free action, no matter where you are! 
Most Bingo sites, especially regulated ones like Wink Bingo, only permit players who are 18+, even in the Free Bingo section.

Although Bingo and Free Bingo are soft forms of gambling, they still fall under certain legislations. Keep in mind that the legal age may vary, depending on your local jurisdiction. If you’re legal, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some good clean fun.
It's easy to get started playing Free Bingo!
  • There are hundreds of Free Bingo games around the net
  • Login to Wink Bingo for top Free Bingo fun
  • Must be of legal age to play

‘Money for Nothing’

Believe it or not, there are plenty of prizes to be won in Free Bingo. Expect to stumble upon extra bonuses, loyalty points, gift cards and even some cash prizes! Although the prizes are smaller than paid Bingo games, a little can add up if you continue to play for a while..
Free Bingo giveaways come in all shapes and forms. Look out for no deposit bingo welcome offers, as well as daily and monthly free games, with cash prizes up for grabs. At Wink Bingo, we like to take extra care of our regulars.

There are exclusive Free Bingo games for loyal players that contain extra special prizes! Some of our Free Bingo jackpot prizes even reach as high as £1,000!
The best things in life are free:
  •  Free Bingo prizes include bonuses, loyalty points, gift cards & cash
  •  Watch out for daily Free Bingo games
  •  Loyal players receive generous freebies

What’s on Offer?

At Wink Bingo, we make sure that there are always plenty of Free Bingo games and offers to pick from. If you pop into the Newbies Tab, you’ll be amazed at the games you can play without depositing a single penny. Not convinced? Here’s a taste: 
Every day, between 10am-10pm, there’s a free game, on the hour, EVERY hour, with £20 up for grabs. If that doesn’t sound tempting enough, how about our Weekly £1,000 game which is absolutely free for all players who have deposited in the last 7 days. The Daily £50 game is available to our regulars. That’s right, we’re giving away £50 every day. Did we mention no deposit required? 

This is just a taste. Keep an eye out for more Free Bingo games and newbie giveaways, where you could win as much as a Grand, without being a funded player. Remember to read the term & conditions, which apply on all games.
Wink if you’re in:
  • Newbies & Regulars will find loads of Free Bingo games 
  • Win up to a Grand in the Weekly £1,000 
  • No deposit required
We hope we have helped to demystify Free Bingo. You should also check out our Top 10 Tips for making the most out of your Free Bingo game, where our experts share their winning advice. You’ll always find plenty of Free Bingo games, where you get to relax, practice and enjoy risk free Bingo. Whenever you’re ready, Wink Bingo also has tons of high rolling opportunities, where you can strike it big with our huge Bingo jackpot prizes…. It’s a WINk WIN situation!

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