WINK Bingo Has Had A Facelift!

wink bingo

If you’re a regular player at WINK Bingo, then you may have noticed a few changes, or maybe you simply noticed that the colours of our site are a little different. Well, we’re thrilled to announce that we have undergone a full site redesign and comprehensive rebranding in order to provide our players, such as you, with a brand new, exciting site to play on!

Our new pop art style is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is able to reflect the bold and bright offers and promotions that you can enjoy here at WINK Bingo. With so much to enjoy, read on to find out all of the new aspects to our site that you can marvel at!

You’ve Earned It!

You've earned it

Our brand-new slogan, that you are certain to see again, and again, and again – because we genuinely believe that you have earned the chance to relax and splash out on the bingo game of your choice. As soon as you sign up with WINK Bingo, you can enjoy a huge number of rewards and prizes.

We’re keen to treat you like royalty here at WINK Bingo, and whether it’s your birthday, a special holiday, because you’ve played a certain game, or simply because we want to, we’ll provide you with a treat. You’re certain to see the phrase ‘You’ve Earned It’ on our banners, promotions and more, because quite frankly, we believe you’ve earned it. 


Something brand new to WINK Bingo is our new shopping feature, which allows you to spend any of the rewards that we provide you, for your own favourite bonuses and offers. In addition to this, if you’ve accumulated enough rewards, you can also purchase shopping vouchers for some of your favourite online retailers – using nothing but your WINK Rewards! So, what are you waiting for? Get playing, and then get shopping! 

WINK Rewards

Wink Rewards

So, what are WINK Rewards and how do you earn them exactly? That’s simple. This exclusive rewards system really helps to set WINK Bingo apart from our competitors, as we believe that you deserve to be treated for all of the hard work that you’ve been putting in playing our games.

WINK Rewards acts as a type of currency on our site, and you can earn these by playing our bingo games, completing our daily challenges, and if you opt in for some of our exciting promotions. With plenty to choose from, you can be certain that you’ll get the most out of your gaming with us.

Let’s not forget about our famous and extremely popular WINK Wheel, where you can try your luck and attempt to win some of our exclusive WINK Rewards, all for yourself. 

Not only do we provide you with rewards to use as a form of currency in our WINK shop, we also offer our 1 Million Rewards bingo room. In this particular bingo room, which runs 5 times a day, you can win more than 1,000,000 WINK Rewards so you can purchase virtually anything in our shop! Could you be a lucky winner, today? 

However, not all of our players can enter our 1 Million Rewards bingo room. In order to gain access to this exclusive room, you will need to earn or win a ticket via one of our many promotions. Alternatively, you are able to purchase a ticket to the 1 Million Rewards bingo room from our WINK shop! 

Renovated Account Features

If you’re an existing WINK Bingo player, then you may have already noticed that some renovations have been made to your account. We want to provide you with one of the most exclusive, high quality, and seamless experiences when you play online bingo, and to ensure that we provide this, we’ve given you access to more features than ever before.

On top of the regular features in your account, we’ve also provided a private mailbox system, so you can keep track of all of the rewards and promotions that we’ve provided you, directly from your account. This means you will never have to miss out on a promotion again! 

You can also take advantage of our ‘Earned It’ section, so you can quickly and easily view all of the bonuses and offers that you have earned since playing with us, and which ones you need to claim. If you’ve opted into any live challenges, then these will be included in this section too! If you’ve completed all of these challenges, or taken advantage of our promotions and earned yourself some WINK Rewards, then you are able to head on over to our WINK shop to spend your hard-earned rewards on whatever you please. 

At WINK Bingo, we want to ensure that you are having the best time possible when you play our bingo games. With so many more bonuses and promotions, and a bright and exciting pop art vibe, playing bingo has never been more fun. Sign up today! 

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